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Eléonore Emaldi or the ultimate feminine refinement


For over 20 years, Eléonore Emaldi has created elegant “couture” ready-to-wear that honors beautiful, natural materials.

377She is Italian but her heart belongs to Paris … Designer Eléonore Emaldi has indeed captured the essence of the famous chic à la française, which can be found in her inspired and elegant creations.

emaldi2Her asset: playing with beautiful, natural materials such as velvet, cashmere, silk, organza … She instinctively imagines the pattern that will fit every tissue best, with a timeless personal style.

In fact, Eléonore Emaldi likes to surprise, revisit the classics and make fun of codes and conventions : she works on the male / female duality for example, and enjoys to mix materials as well as colors.

emzldiWith two collections a year, Eléonore Emaldi finds a way to satisfy all the desires of her followers, whether they are working-girls, casual, stylish … Each piece is designed to be stylish and rewarding for an assumed femininity!

♡ Paris Select’s special favorite: her collaboration with craftsmen and designers who make accessories (belts, bags, gloves …) in synergy with her collections.


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