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Paris seen by the American Gail Albert Halaban

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Meeting with a American photographer who photographs the city of light, from new angles…

MargueriteOMWI studied photography at Yale. I grew up in the city of Washington. I've always been a photographer – the 6th grade science fair, the high school yearbook, the college newspaper despite being in pre-med. I started photographing through the windows, the neighbors across the street, whom I had never met, they sent me flowers on the occasion of my daughter's first birthday, seeing through the window that we were having a party. I was curious to know what other people saw through their windows. My daughter turned 11 yesterday, so it's been a while...

In a few sentences, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I'm a New York based artist and I love looking out the windows.

What is your favorite arrondissement in Paris?

I love all the districts of Paris. The most amazing thing was to realize how varied they are!

PillaultOMWHow would you describe Parisians?

Parisians love to make friends over a glass of red wine.

Why are you interested in Paris apartments?

The apartments in Paris are all sublime and no two are the same.

SchoolOMWWhat is your favorite Parisian museum?

My favorite museum is the Carnavalet Museum.

What don't you like in Paris?

The tall buildings with narrow staircases in which it is difficult to transport my lamps.

What is your worst moment spent in Paris?

The worst moment I had in Paris was the day I finished the photographs for my book, because I didn't know when I would be able to come back.

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