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Why get into “Juicy Mania” and where to find the best juice bars in the capital?

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Whether green, detox or simply concocted with so-called “healthy” ingredients, juices are definitely popular. Moreover, we see them everywhere: in the pages of the trendiest magazines, in the hands of the most followed beautystas on Instagram and of course, in the famous Parisian juice bars. Small elixirs of energy composed largely of fruits and/or vegetables, the juices are enjoyed with pleasure while providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals in addition to a non-negligible "health" boost: weight loss , detox, feeling of well-being… To take advantage of their benefits, we naturally choose fresh fruit and vegetable juices, preferably organic, and above all without added sugar. Health !

Paris Select addresses:


nubioAtelier Nubio makes daily detox cures based on fresh juice from raw, cold-pressed vegetables. True stimulants, these certified organic juices promise a taste and nutritional experience through gourmet recipes that follow the rhythm of the seasons. To be ordered exclusively online and to be picked up at the Atelier or at various points of sale such as Fauchon.

4 rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris
09 84 35 51 13

Detox Delight

Detox DelightNext to the Cirque d'Hiver, the Detox Delight juice bar offers energizing breakfasts, but also salads, soups and vegan dishes accompanied by the famous juices of the house renowned for its detox cures. Every day, a "juice of the day" is to be discovered in addition to a menu made up of herbal teas and other smoothies.

106 rue Amelot, Paris 11th
01 80 96 31 70


JuiceLabWith its fresh, natural and gourmet fruit and vegetable juices, cold pressed daily, the Juice Lab is the ideal address in Montmartre to start your day off right, with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

83, Rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris
09 53 23 33 53

Good Organic Only Paris

Good Organic

Indulge yourself and feel good, such is the credo of Good Organic Only, which offers cures and juices that are as good for the taste buds as they are for your health. To be savored alone or accompanied by an organic dish respecting this search for balance and flavours.

17 Street Archives, 75004 Paris

French Detox

French DetoxWith its vegetables and herbs coming directly from Perche, French Detox offers “gentle” and “intense” detox cures and also produces ultra-fresh, organic and above all “tailor-made” juices. The perfect recipe to get your imagination running wild!

38 rue de Sevres, 75007 Paris
06 80 13 45 92 ​

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