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Discover the Grande Maison of Bernard Magrez: the “Residence of all the Arts”

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In Bordeaux, travelers willingly stop in the5-star hotel by Bernard Magrez. Nestled in a mansion from the end of the XNUMXth century, this establishment offers prestigious rooms which go hand in hand with an exceptional table.

Bernard Magrez1Housed in a luxurious white stone building whose interior decoration is inspired by the Napoleon III style, Bernard Magrez's Grande Maison is a Bordeaux establishment where there is an intimate and cozy atmosphere, perfect for appreciating the art of living, sharing and to receive so dear to the master of the place.

Bernard Magrez2A member of the TemptingPlaces family, this establishment has six luxurious rooms whose charm competes with refinement through silky materials, flowery colors and furniture chosen in perfect harmony. Each of these rooms has its own personality, but harmonizes with the others by following a single common thread: great wines.

Bernard Magrez3In a Bordeaux address worthy of the name, the Grande Maison offers 259 Grands Crus Classés of Bordeaux and assimilated such as Pomerol, second wines and bourgeois... A unique collection in the world, which also gives pride of place to the great wines of Burgundy, the Rhône, Alsace and even more distant countries!

Bernard Magrez4♡ The Paris Select favourite: the decoration and the presence of works by artists making Bernard Magrez's Grande Maison a true "Residence of all the Arts"...

Bernard Magrez5

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