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BDK, perfumes inspired by Paris

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With its amazing Parisian collections, the BDK house awakens the senses as much as the imagination, through unique fragrances that are hard to forget...

1Screenshot 2016-07-29 to 09An independent perfume house based in the Palais Royal district of Paris, BDK offers unique, high-quality fragrances, inspired by characters, movements and allure... A universe that is resolutely apart, halfway between imaginary tales and reality.

2Screenshot 2016-07-29 to 09While the perfume concentrates are created in the Grasse region, the BDK house goes further to highlight French craftsmanship: the beveled bottle is made in Normandy, the cap in the Paris region, the label comes from a printing press in the Marais…

3BDKAnd Paris is almost the star! Between character traits and allure, the “Parisian collection” imposes its style: delicate, modern and sensual fragrances.

4Screenshot 2016-07-29 to 09With its unisex fragrances “Bouquet of Hungary”, a floral bouquet with fruity accents of blackcurrant and pear, and “Pas ce soir”, a spicy juice combining white flowers and quince chutney, freshness and sensuality await you. .

5♡ The Paris Select favourite: the “Parisian oriental collection” which opens the doors to new horizons, thanks to scents such as “Wood jasmine”, “Imperial tuberose” and “Oud Abramad”.

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