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Where to eat Italian tapas in Paris?

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With its unique concept of tapas with Mediterranean accents, the “Cicchetti”, the Kuccini restaurant is the new Parisian haunt for lovers of Italy.

1 - Storefront 1Designed by Parisian architects, with a very New York contemporary atmosphere, the Kuccini restaurant nevertheless offers the best of Italy with Cicchetti, these tapas to share and to accompany Italian wines from Tuscany, Piedmont, but also from southern Italy.

2 - LeaderPrepared by the chef and served à la minute, the Cicchetti complete a menu which also offers dishes allowing you to discover the different regions of Italy. Without hesitation, we try the Blueberry and Taleggio risotto, the Ligurian lasagna or even the fritti misti…

3 - blueberry rissotoThe products come straight from the famous Botte: Burrata, Stracciatella and Mozzarella from Bufala come directly from Puglia and are delivered once a week by Caseficio (a dairy farm in Italy).

A way to discover authentic products, supplemented by fresh fruits and vegetables selected from the best greengrocers in the capital!

5 - Restaurant bar♡ The Paris Select favourite: the Italian wine and cocktail bar.

6 - Table d'Hôte

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