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Our 10 Parisian snobbery

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We are congratulated for our sense of style and an art of living that seems so natural to us... And if we revealed our little secrets to all Parisian apprentices, so that they too can enjoy the best that the most beautiful city has to offer. of the world ? Follow the leader !

1 -> Shopping at the Plisson house and fall for bread, wine and cheese. Cliché maybe… but so good!

93 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

+01 (71)18

www.lamaisonplisson. Com /

2 -> Take a detour to Pistachio to taste the best Mochis in Paris, unless you fall for the balls of nougat and pistachios, a concentrate of energy and pleasure...

67 Rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris

+01 (42)78


1-23 -> Sit down for lunch at the new Galeries Lafayette Terrace which overlooks the city. Take the opportunity to instagram the rooftops of Paris!

40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 PARIS

+01 (42)82

4 -> Treat yourself to a bracelet Djula, to be at the forefront of the trend and ensure a truly Parisian elegance.

233 rue Saint Honoré – 75001 Paris

+01 (81)70

3-45 -> Comb your hair with a brush Wasps and Butterflies, the ultimate in hairdressing items…because our hair is worth it.

12 avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris

+01 (45)00

6 -> Treat yourself to a Hermès Vintage bag or a Chanel jacket at Deposit Sale of Passy that we love for its unique "couture" pieces.

14 Rue de la Tour, 75016 Paris

+01 (45)20

5-67 -> Pass by Boutary to treat yourself with a little tasting of an exceptional caviar...

25 rue Mazarine – 75006 Paris

+01 (70)82

8 -> Do your shopping at Thank you, the favorite shop of Marais sores to find designer clothes and furniture.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

+01 (42)77 / fr /

7-89 -> Relax on the terrace carette to see all of Paris parade and discover their amazing range of sweet and savory macaroons!

4 Place du Trocadero, 75016 Paris
+01 (47)27

10 -> Fall for the latest creations of the House Francis Kurkdjian, Petit Matin and Grand Soir, two unisex fragrances that offer us Paris in the bottle.

5 rue d'Alger – 75001 Paris


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