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Guimiot jewellery, jewels that stand the test of time...

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Guided by her passion for finely crafted jewelry, Sylvie Guimiot offers the most beautiful pieces of yesterday and today.

screenshot-2016-09-21-a-16Located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the Guimiot jewelry is a real temple dedicated to jewelry, which is honored through a high quality selection of old and modern creations.

Because for Sylvie Guimiot, jewelry is none other than the "mark of time, eras, civilizations, women, men, their loves and their passions"... With a concern for high standards and quality, she thus offers its most beautiful pieces.

unnamedRings adorned with blue topaz, diamond, sapphire, pink sapphire, turquoise… Diamond necklaces, braided yellow gold, rows of pearls but also old cameos, bracelets from the end of the 19th century or the 50s: these are the models presented in this jewelry that restores its letters of nobility to jewelry.

♡ The Paris Select favourite: the "souvenirs of Tahiti", jewels that pay a vibrant tribute to the Tahitian pearl and its famous gray shades.


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