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Caviar & Vodka chocolate, an explosive creation!

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When La Maison du Chocolat met Petrossian, the Caviar & Vodka chocolate box was born, which promises a deliciously disconcerting combination.

1Turned towards the pleasure of the senses and a certain taste for audacity, the alliance of La Maison du Chocolat and Petrossian promises the meeting between the delicacy of caviar and the gluttony of chocolate, while vodka distills its warm notes in the heart of a silky ganache…

2With its ancestral know-how, the Petrossian house brings excellence through the best sturgeon eggs at the origin of a luxury caviar which combines elegance and extravagance with the famous Russian eau-de-vie and chocolate.

3As improbable as it is delicious, this combination flirts with prohibitions and makes these ten Vodka Black Ganache Chocolates with warm and powerful notes of premium Petrossian Vodka and ten Caviar Black Ganache Chocolates enhanced with hazelnut/almond/caviar praline even tastier…

4♡ The Paris Select favourite: completely new sweet/salty flavours.



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