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The Thiénot house, the finest expression of champagne

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With its three cuvées of champagne and its high quality wines, the house Thienot imposed itself in a few years in the wine world.

Champagne Thienot Black RangeAn innovative and contemporary house, with a family spirit and a resolutely marked style, Thiénot is today one of the big names in Champagne. Its classic range includes three cuvées of champagne, which age in cellars between four and eight years to reach their finest expression.

Champagne Thienot CellarWith the Thiénot Brute cuvée, discover a blend of three Champagne grape varieties, between finesse, fruit and freshness. With its spring notes, this alliance of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier is a great classic of the house.

Very elegant, the Thiénot Rosé cuvée is very gourmet, with its singular and delicate aromatic character, expressed in particular by notes of red fruits, as well as a pleasant freshness supplemented by great finesse.

Thienot Cellar 2 ChampagnesFinally, the Thiénot Vintage cuvée is the unique interpretation of a prestigious year, the fruit of a slow and passionate elaboration... A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it offers a great aromatic complexity that connoisseurs will appreciate.

♡ The Paris Select favourite: the “family” cuvées that are Cuvées Stanislas and Garance, vintage wines with a strong personality.

Champagne Thienot Family


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