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Where to find the universe of the Far North in the heart of Paris?

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This year, Ice Kube Bar changes its look and presents a new decor inspired by Nordic lands and its icy landscapes. We shiver with pleasure!

75508_346382838810004_434476655_nIf you want to think of yourself as Frozen for an evening, go to the Ice Kube bar, this ice-decorated bar that has been all the rage in the 18th arrondissement of Paris for some time.

377635_346371668811121_1294386842_nWith its brand new decor inspired by the world of the Far North, thrill seekers can take advantage of the dancefloor to try to warm up to the rhythm, or go to the very cozy lounge area, adjoining the ice bar.

qWith a concept that is all the rage in Stockholm, the Ice Kube Bar stands out from other nocturnal places in the capital by its temperature (-18° anyway!), its frosted floor made up of 20 tons of ice, and its famous cocktails at Finlandia vodka base served in glasses… also frozen.

sWe therefore carefully prepare down jackets, fleeces and gloves to treat ourselves to a 25-minute session in this quirky space, located on the mezzanine of the lounge restaurant of the Kube Hotel Paris.

v♡ The Paris Select favourite: vodka served in ice cream cones, a detail as unusual as it is fun.

Ice Kube Bar: the Ice Bar at the Kube Hotel in Paris

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