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Montagut, the cashmere of our dreams!

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Renowned for its authenticity and know-how, the Montagut house offers high quality cashmere for men and women.

75fe2784-5d1d-45c7-8dae-6a5bc1aa275aFor more than 135 years, Montagut has made a name for itself in ready-to-wear, thanks to exceptional products that have made its reputation in France and around the world. The embodiment of French elegance, this brand specializing in fine materials is one of our favourites.

fef3d2d3-8c38-4c41-9fde-4dd006004f87Her knitwear is designed in the finest cashmeres, in silk, or incorporate the famous Fil Lumière. In addition to basics for men and women, Montagut offers punctual, modern and inspired collections.

15384389_1390981627592948_3348304120009580663_oThis year, the autumn-winter collection takes us into different universes, distant and original, through carefully selected materials: cashmere, wool and silk, alpaca... Softness, colors and patterns are in the spotlight!14909938_1344207785603666_2195786684682934108_nWith three themes – retro ski spirit, luxury and winter sailor – we tell stories through thick sweaters, revisited turtlenecks or timeless pieces adorned for some with a magnificent gold thread...

10641271_1010616558962792_8736629272003536857_n♡ The Paris Select favourite: the capsule collections with Elise Hameau or Benjamin Isidore Juveneton.

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