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Le Klay Saint Sauveur: a healthy stronghold with a tropical decor

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∇ Do you know Klay Saint Sauveur? This address, nestled in the meanders of Montorgueil, opens onto a breathtaking space, so little are we used to such surfaces in our good Paris region. Add a dose of modern and ultra healthy cuisine, you have the Klay, aka the Ali Baba of foodie aesthetes.


Originally, the Klay was a large, classy gym that all the sores in the neighborhood snatched up. Then, the room was extended by a huge and marvelous restaurant, which, under an industrial-style glass roof, gives a feeling of elsewhere that the kitchen extends. The absolutely adorable staff invites you to take a seat at one of the designer tables that make the place so special, and the journey begins... bon appetit!

Card-wise, it's a paradise for the line AND the fun (which isn't that common, let's face it). Logical, for the restaurant of a sports hall, at the same time. First things first: the aperitif. To celebrate it with dignity, taste one of the cocktails created by the master in the field, who masters Curaçao like your grandmother twists the blanquette. We tasted the Ultimate Green (Tanqueray, green Chartreuse, St Germain, kiwi, lemon): a delight. When the dishes arrive, the festivities continue: it is a skilful composition of colors and tastes that is set up, combining quality products with modern and striking inventiveness. Of course, the passing of the seasons is closely followed, for an absolute freshness which always has its “something” a little different.

This year, the Klay has expanded and now offers tastings of the menu in an interior room, decorated in total harmony with the tropical-chic tone of the rest of the house. The large fans clinging to the ceiling look just like the disproportionate petals of the Marsupilami forest (just in case), while the plants dress the nooks and the ceilings with class. In short, whether you are on the terrace or in this new space, you spend a moment outside Paris, away from worries. Maybe it's California, or New Orleans, go figure...

The little extra that seduced the editorial : the playlist is good! Not only does it not break your ears, with a lot of badly controlled decibels, but the titles are also well chosen, it grooves, it's blues or more pop. In the top.

The Klay Saint Sauveur, 4 B, Rue Saint Sauveur, 75002
Phone: +33 (0) 1 40 26 69 66

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