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Already cult: the Christophe Robin skincare routine

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Another stroke of genius from colorist-star Christophe Robin. He tackles, not without courage, one of the biggest challenges of all hair: the lack of volume. With a care range dedicated to fine hair which is extended with a washing paste volumizing with pure rassoul and rose extracts, Christophe Robin fulfills the dream of more than one woman. Texture, volume, movement, density… it's all there.


◊ The Rassoul and the Rose 


The new recruit is a shampoo based on rassoul and rose... This answer to the lack of density did not fall from the sky, but from Morocco: Christophe Robin was inspired by a traditional ingredient, Rassoul. In this country where hair care is a sinecure, Rassoul has always been intended to treat and reveal the beauty of hair. Gathered in this innovative formula, Rassoul is responsible for absorbing impurities and giving strength and resistance to the hair, while the rose hydrates and soothes.

◊ Volume and tradition 

La Pete volumizing cleanser with pure Rassoul and rose extracts, latest addition to the volume range, is 85% made up of natural products. Its formula does not dry out the hair and is not content to provide temporary results, as styling products do. This paste shampoo that turns into foam deeply cleanses while providing volume that lasts, from roots to ends.

most : Christophe Robin has distinguished himself for his mastery of coloring, his range is therefore, as it should be, perfectly suited to colored hair.  

◊ 3 ritual steps 

To be sure of having a dream volume, the most effective way is to bet on completeness, following the 3 steps recommended by the pros:

1 : the washing paste, to be used once a week (leave on for 2 minutes to intensify the effect).

2 : the natural rose volume detangler (if necessary, apply to the lengths only).

3 : as a final touch, the volume mist with rose water boosts volume and provides long-lasting hold to the hairstyle.

♥ We love the rose water mist 

There is no alcohol in its composition … so you can style your hair without drying out the hair. For once, support and volume do not agree with the legendary "straw effect", so widespread moreover.

Practical information : 

To be tested now in the Christophe Robin boutique at 16 rue Bachaumont 75002 Paris. 

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