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The cane: the return of a chic and quirky accessory?

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What if, far from the expectations and clichés of the urban trend, the spring accessory made a leap in time and gave our outfit a dandy elegance, a delicate allure… and if this accessory was the cane? Head to Galerie Fayet, with its impressive collection…

 ◊ The history of the gallery …

La Galerie Fayet is a cane shop that represents the FAYET house, a family business founded in 1909, currently the last cane factory in France. The Fayets have chosen to set up this store in the prestigious passage Jouffroy where strollers can immerse themselves in a decor as it was in the 19th century, when the cane was an essential male accessory of elegance. The passage Jouffroy was from that time a place of luxury shopping, where passers-by came in nice clothes, because unlike the muddy Parisian streets, the glass roof and paving on the ground ensured a cleanliness that high society liked to rub shoulders with.

→ And cane

In addition to the beautiful canes (those that we see ourselves proudly sporting), we discover some which, worked like luxury tools (gold, silver, tortoiseshell, crocodile leather, python), conceal frankly unexpected secrets.

Some examples: the picnic cane (practical) which contains in its body enough to have lunch on the grass. The cane-hanger, which allows you to hang your overcoat when traveling by train. The surgeon's cane, that of the painter or even the designer. In a modern version, you will find the "Toulouse Lautrec" cane which contains a drink flask and 2 glasses, the pipe cane for smoke lovers, and many others. In short, we discover in these objects ingenious systems that allow you to carry your profession or your hobby with you.

♥ Our favorite

Not only do we benefit from expert advice to find the rod that suits us, but it is also gracefully adjusted to our size, so as not to damage the spine. There are also admirable umbrellas and parasols, created in the Fayet workshop, which is labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, a symbol of the excellence of French know-how.

Practical information : 34 Passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris – 01 47 70 89 65

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