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Fashion obsession: the masculine and made in France look of Costume Manufacture

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At a time when men's fashion is as demanding as its feminine namesake, Costume Manufacture offers its urban, modern and active vision of virility in motion, well in its sneakers and well in its shirts.

Ξ Identity

Formerly Stanbridge, Costume Manufacture is the logical evolution of the brand which goes from a British DNA to an assumed and resolutely trendy French Touch. Costume Manufacture is a lively and active state of mind, a free and urban lifestyle, it is a return to a very home-made French craftsmanship.

◊ Style

Current. The man who wears Costume Manufacture takes care of the cut and his silhouette; but he does not allow himself to be locked into any straitjacket. As stylish by day as by night, it can slip from the office to the aperitif in the same outfit. Separable, the Costume Manufacture fits perfectly with a pair of jeans and sneakers, for a relaxed look.

→ Practical information: 13 Rue de Sévigné, Inner Court, 75004 Paris01 57 40 85 60 


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