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Do you know the rooftop garden of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann?

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Always ahead of its time, the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann never cease to amaze us. Inaugurating this month a new workshop, nicely named " Paris, Under strawberries" , the Department Store on Boulevard Haussmann sets the tone for a new era under the sign of innovation in urban landscapes. Indeed, the project for a green setting on the roof of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is now well done. Until then private, it is now open to the public for the duration of a workshop. In this urban garden of Eden, you will be able to discover totally innovative concepts of crops in the city!

Here are our 3 good reasons to book now your guided tour...

Be in tune with the times

At a time when our industrial cultivation systems are being called into question because of the pollution they generate, it is gratifying to know that a young French company is offering innovative and ecological solutions. This is how the Galeries Lafayette in collaboration with the start-up “sous les fraises” have already taken the step towards the future by validating the development of the project which aims to greening city rooftops. The BHV and 15 other spots in France are setting up these new structures. The young start-up has also received several awards for their innovations, notably in New York and Shanghai.

Eat very very fresh 

The fresh produce from the market we know and we love. But despite everything, these picked vegetables and fruits spoil and lose flavor because of the long transport… You will understand in this visit all the interest generated by these crops in the city. The time between picking and the product on your plate is really reduced and in fact the flavors are optimal. Moreover, starred chefs such as Daniel Baratier et Pascal Barbot have become followers of these new productions, the flavors of fruits, aromatic herbs or even edible flowers being incomparable. At the end of the visit, you will be able to taste some products from these cultures and leave with a gift a Galeries Lafayette bag, filled with delicious goodies.

Live a unique moment

To meet on the roofs of Paris, with a 360° view of the capital, in a garden where all kinds of tomatoes, raspberries or strawberries grow before your eyes, is a very unique vision. An unforgettable moment where nature merges with the urban. Under the explanations of the guides specialized in environment you will learn all the benefits of the marriage between city and nature. In addition, the guide will give you learned explanations and delicious anecdotes about Paris and its history.

Let's go…

As a couple, because it's really romantic,

As a family, because it's instructive and the children love it,

Solo, because visits are limited to 15 people so the atmosphere is friendly,

Or with friends who want to discover Paris differently.

To book it's right here. For information, visits are accompanied by a bilingual guide.

Where to find Galeries Lafayette Haussmann? 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Phone: 01 42 82 34 56


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