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Will you give in to the cracker trend?

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A few days before Christmas, we discover a whole new trend in the shops: crackers. A very British tradition, these surprise “candies” have invaded Paris and will be invited to all festive tables. A little gift that everyone will love!

Impossible to miss this year, the crackers are everywhere. This English tradition was invented by a confectioner, Tom Smith, in 1847. Festive at will, they have become essential across the Channel. Often filled with small trinkets, you pull a sharp blow while holding each side of the candy firmly and its contents spring out with a small “ pop“. A devilishly regressive mechanic and playful. Today, in these small cracker cardboard hide surprises of all kinds. Fashion, decoration, food… There are all kinds, but it is the beauty brands that are most interested in crackers. There are mini sizes bestsellers, varnish, blush… All the essentials of beautystas in short!

Complementary gift to sweet price, we are sure to make people happy with this little attention. Sephora, Erborian, OPI… We just have to choose our favorite brand and waiting to be surprised!

Our 8 favorite crackers to treat yourself to

She's glamorous: crackers Kat Von D

The Kat von d cracker at sephora

Kat Von D exclusively at Sephora, 20 euros.

She's chic to her fingertips: the OPI cracker

The OPI cracker

Christmas cracker, nail polish set, OPI, 20 euros.

She likes sharp care: the Erborian cracker

Cracker Erborian

1,2,3… Perfect Skin Cracker, Erborian, 20 euros.

She likes to pamper herself: the Sephora cracker

sephora cracker

Sephora Collection, Midnight Skincare Surprise, face care box, 15 euros.

She likes to be effortlessly beautiful: the This Work cracker

Cracker This Work

The big Bang Cracker, This Work, 9,99 euros.

She wants peach skin: the cracker Belief

Belief Cracker

The Magical Land of Moisture Cracker, Belief, €20.

She likes to play pin-up: the Benefit cracker

LKe cracker Benefit

Hoola and They're Real Christmas cracker, Benefit, 20 euros.

She likes to travel: the L'Occitane cracker

The L'Occitane cracker

Cracker for me, Care Box, L'Occitane, 15 euros.

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