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Where to find the perfect summer hat?

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The ideal accessory to dress up an outfit, the hat represents the extra touch that completes a look. In summer, our choice is easily on Panama hats while in winter, felts are our preference, but there are many models for every occasion... Here are our must-haves, found at la jolie Parisian brand Courtois.

For a wedding

If there is indeed an occasion when we can afford to bring out the big game, it's for a wedding. For a deliciously fancy touch retro, we choose the model Coco. Its shape joystick is reminiscent of the 20s and the rooster feathers that adorn it bring additional refinement. Made of felt, it is more suitable for a winter event.
Coco, 470 euros.

At a vernissage

Between the beret and cap, the model Ernestine is resolutely arty. We wear it slightly on the side and we assume this creation that is out of the ordinary. With, we dare a frank look with high-waisted pants, daring colors or even a long trench coat. Our inspiration? Jane Birkin !
Ernestine, 290 euros.

For a date

For a date, the watchwords are glamorous et card. Thus, we dare to print leopard which announces our character assured. Additionally, the model sunbonnet is perfect for bringing a touch of mystery. With, we bet on a simple outfit, but we say yes to very red lipstick.
Scrunchie, 297 euros.

In the city

We take advantage of a hat to twister our look. This hat Sevillian fur felt is our ally. Easy to carry with its black color and its raw shape, it matches all styles. But, it would be a mistake to think of it as simple, its details,, like his feathers, make all the difference and give it a special charm.
Picasso, 240 euros.

On holiday

La cap makes his big return for a few seasons. And that's good ! For the holidays this winter or for a weekend at the sea, we adopt the model Camaret sailor blue. In woolen cloth, it keeps our heads warm and has nothing to envy to the (too) classic beanie. From delicate embroideries decorate it for the most elegant result.
Blue Sailor Camaret, 75 euros.

Courtois Paris, 8 rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris

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