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10 pieces found at EKYOG to have style 

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Lhe eco-responsible brand EKYOG knows how to perfectly combine femininity, simplicity and modernity, offering collections that are always respectful of women. To breathe new life into your dressing room, we have prepared a small selection of 10 designer pieces, which you should not miss!  


A vaporous blouse to give some pep

Love for the blouse Aymal Garane. Easy to combine, it is suitable for all body types. Most ? We love its bright red color which gives a healthy glow and enhances the complexion!

Aymal Garane blouse, €119

A black shirt for the office

As timeless as its big sister – the little dress – the black shirt holds an important place in a woman's wardrobe. Sober and elegant, this model Aymane it's all good, and you can wear it in the office as well as with shorts or a metallic skirt for going out.

Black Aymane shirt, €129


An elegant belted dress for a date

Fitted and cut to perfection, the dress Armel Garnet will undoubtedly give you the look of a femme fatale! It is preferably worn with a nice pair of heels.

Armel Garnet dress, €149


A warm jumper for strutting around in the warmth

We adopt the sweater Adrian Garance for its casual and sophisticated side, not to mention its cheerful color that does not go unnoticed. Perfect for being stylish when temperatures will be around 6°C this winter!

Adriel Garance sweater, €175


A little black dress for dinners out

The little black dress is obviously LA piece that any self-respecting Parisienne must have in her dressing room, and even in several copies! A true Swiss army knife, it can be worn for all occasions. We opt for this model Black Alban which promises a neat look in all circumstances.  

Black Albain dress, €149


A white shirt for a meeting

Like its black counterpart, the white shirt remains a great fashion classic as well as a wardrobe essential. Spring or summer, this shirt Aymane will give you a cool bohemian look thanks to its small lace details.

 Aymane Off White Shirt, €129


A denim skirt to chill

In the list of wardrobe essentials, there is also the denim skirt. As easy to wear as it is to combine, it is ideal for mid-season and we are particularly fond of this model. Alix Raw Denim – Gots perfectly cut. 

Skirt Alix Raw Denim – Gots, €95 

A backless sweater to play the romantic card

Simple and elegant, the sweater Adami black reveals the upper back for a super glam look. It can be worn with jeans for a chill office look or with a leather skirt for going out.  

Black Adami sweater, €189


A patterned dress for gray days

Very light, the summer dress Adel Print Adel is ideal for enjoying the last fine days of water. We love its floral patterns which will immediately give a slightly sad outfit a twist.

Dress Adel Print Adel, 169€


A corduroy jacket for the weekend

Original and refined, we love the jacket Aline Off White which you wouldn't necessarily think of, yet it brings cachet and allure to outfits for going out during the day. 

Aline Off White Jacket, €159

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