Massato: the darling hairdresser of fashionable Parisiennes

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At Massato, haircuts are elevated to the rank of art. It is his discretion, the precision of his scissors but above all his perfectionism that have made him the hair master with unparalleled vision, which he embodies today. 

En 1975, once he had graduated as a hairdresser, Massato left Japan to come and try his luck in Paris, the fashion capital. Very quickly, this Haute Couture enthusiast stood out thanks to his talent. Sections trendy and ultra-stylish that he offers are not lacking in originality and in a few years, he becomes the official hairdresser of the biggest stars and other fashionable models: Kate Moss, Læticia Casta, Isabelle Adjani, Sophie Marceau... For 18 years, he will travel the world alongside the greatest photographers, for their photo shoots and fashion shows, allowing him to build a solid clientele. 

It was in 1993 that the 'creative hairdresser' finally takes the plunge and opens its first salon in Paris, in the 7th arrondissement. On the strength of this success, he will open four others: two more in Paris, his adopted city and one in Tokyo, his native land. 

Very inspired by Japanese culture, its salons are true havens of peace and harmony in which silence and discretion reign, to better focus on the hairstyle. Massato is one of those hairdressers who make their favorite haircuts in 3D, on dry hair, such as sculptures.

Very curious about trends, his keen eye immediately discerns the haircut likely to highlight or not a face. Destructuring, blow-drying, degrading… Whichever cut you opt for, this hair magician will take his time to obtain the perfection et harmony. The result will never be against nature, it will adapt perfectly to your style, your personality and your figure. A requirement and a know-how that make him a real hairdressing master recognized worldwide ! And if he cannot be present in all his salons, Massato makes it a point of honor to train his own collaborators, rigorously selected, so that they deploy his concept and his techniques at best. 

Historically, the naturalness is a value dear to Massato and it is found even in its hair product line established over 10 years ago. Thus, shampoos, treatments, oils, masks and other styling products with gentle and fiber-friendly formulas are divided into several ranges for all hair types : colored, dry, very dry and damaged, fine, normal and oily… all hair is enhanced! We find among the best-sellers of the brand, the camellia shampoo, the 'shining serum', the 'hair scrub' a purifying scrub and the 'haircream', a daily day cream to restore and revitalize weakened hair.


Products with elegant and arty packaging that have always fulfilled Massato's great philosophy: to awaken the natural beauty that lies dormant in every woman, without ever disguising it but by revealing its full potential.

All addresses of Parisian salons Massato, here.

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