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EATALY Paris: an Italian immersion… in the heart of the Marais

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It happened just over a year ago. Eataly, the most desirable Italian food concept opened its doors in Paris, in the heart of the Marais, under the leadership of the Galeries Lafayette group.

Created by Italian Oscar Farinetti in 2007, Eataly completely reinvented the codes of (slow) food by offering a brilliant avant-garde concept that has since become a global phenomenon. It all started in Turin before being exported to the four corners of the planet: Milan, Copenhagen, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles… All foodies and other lovers of ritual gastronomy swear by the Eataly label. So it was high time for Paris to have one too! 


A hybrid place

Two steps from BHV Swamp, Eataly Paris sits in place of the former employee canteen of the Parisian department store and presents a place magnificent, as clean as warm. The idea of ​​this concept was simple: bring together all the Italian culinary specialties in a single place, where you can eat, buy and learn. 

It must be said, for this first Parisian opening, the group saw things big. Thus, this gourmet rendezvous dedicated to Italian gastronomy is presented like a huge store of 2500 m² ! However, it is divided into several spaces (the Italian market, the 7 restaurants, the enormous wine cellar in the basement, the grocery store, the cooking school…) which extend over 3 floors. We stroll there and discover the best Italian products – organic and responsible – as well as amazing flavors.


Market stalls

Italian mom or not, here, we come to make her Brive market ! As soon as you enter, you come across a scoop with magnificent fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced from vegetable the sharpest of the boot… The arrival is done 3 times a week! Next door is the exceptional butcher's shop Butchery which deals, among other things, with meat from La Granda.

The stall I SALUMI which offers the best of Italian charcuterie is right in front of I FORMAGGI, the ideal spot to buy a gorgonzola and other crazy parmesans. Near the exit (the store is designed as a journey) we also find an authentic bakery where the breads are made with certified organic wheat flour from the Italian producer Marine mill.

In the basement, the cellar with great Italian wines has no less than 5000 references making it the largest cellar in Paris in this niche.


Food corners and specialized restaurants

At this point, you thought you had seen everything, but nope. On the small square enthroned in the middle of the store ('La Piazza') all your culinary desires will be satisfied! For breakfast, go to The coffee and Gelato around a delicious cornet and All espresso brewing methods prepared by expert baristas as if you were live from Rome. Fancy a snack on the go? You are bound to find what you are looking for Tiramisu & Cannoli Bar, which satisfies lovers of Italian desserts throughout the day. 

At aperitivo time, sit down and enjoy an incredible Spritz or a Bellini on the terrace of the Bar Torino. Our recommendation: the Adriatico Chinotto cocktail, very precisely dosed! As for pasta and pizza aficionados, rest assured, they have not been forgotten. Upstairs, the restaurant Pasta and Pizza delivers the best daisy et truffle linguine from Paris !


A large terrace in an enchanting setting

For a little moment of escape towards the Dolce Vita, sit on the terrace! Whether at Aperitivo time to enjoy a plate of Italian cheeses and charcuterie or to enjoy an ice cream, this friendly and warm place remains a must.

Notice to lovers of sweets, this summer, a homemade ice cream cart (The Gelato) calls for a small cool break and offers a wide selection of flavours: pistachio, strawberry, chocolate… Yum. 

Short circuits and exceptional products... More than a place, Eataly is a real philosophy applied at the fairest prices. No wonder this temple of Italian food has become so cult in such a short time. Definitely our new Marais HQ !

Eataly Paris Marais, 37 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris. 01 83 65 81 00

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