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The most beautiful Christmas logs to enhance your New Year's Eve

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The famous Yule log is THE culinary tradition that you cannot escape during the end-of-year celebrations. Here is a selection of the most beautiful creations of pastry chefs and other renowned chefs… You are going to enjoy it! 


Cyril Lignac's log

Tastes : This year, at Cyril Lignac, we find a Black Forest Yule log twisting this famous cherry dessert into a delicious log...
Here, chocolate biscuit, light kirsch cream, morello cherry compote, chocolate mousse and vanilla milk cream blend subtly. All topped with chocolate shavings.

The price : €45 for 6 to 8 people.

Where is it found? In Cyril Lignac stores and on its website, here.


The Nolinski log

Tastes : In the shape of a majestic fir tree resting on its wooden log, the Yule log at the Hôtel Nolinski takes to the skies this winter! Under its starry white coat, we discover a fondant praline, an almond biscuit, and a fresh mango compote enhanced with a creamy lemongrass basil… Refreshing flavors to perfection, perfect to end the meal on a light note. 

The price : €95 for 6 to 8 people.

Where is it found? The yule log is available in limited edition on order at: booking@nolinski.com or on 01 42 86 10 10.


-The Prince of Wales Yule Log

Tastes : If at first sight one might think that these are charcoal palets, the log of the Prince de Galles hotel is in fact something else entirely. Signed Tristan Rousselot, this Tison log imitates the burnt logs that the pastry chef would find on Christmas morning, stamping with impatience before being able to open his presents. It is also made from vegetable charcoal and black sugar foam. A delicious creamy caramel, a soft fir honey biscuit, and crispy puffed rice complete this exceptional dish.

The price : 75for 6 8 to people.

Where is it found? To be ordered directly at the hotel, on 01 53 23 77 77.


The log of the Plaza Athénée

Tastes : This magnificent Christmas log was created by world pastry champion Angelo Musa and pastry chef Alexandre Dufeu. Called "Under the tree", it consists of a dark chocolate tree - from Venezuela – at the foot of which we find little bears in marzipan as well as 6 gifts representing in fact the 6 parts of the cake. Each part reveals delicious flavors: a thin shell of milk chocolate containing a crunchy almond-gingerbread, topped with a gingerbread biscuit, decorated with a layer of marmalade and a creamy with Christmas notes . All wrapped in a gingerbread-flavoured mousse… 

The price : 90 € for 6 people.

Where is it found? At the Plaza Athénée from 23 December. Reservations on 01 53 67 65 97 or by e-mail noel.HPA@dorchestercollection.com.


The log of the Molitor hotel

Tastes : The Hôtel Molitor unveiled its Yule log, which we perceive as a true work of art. This dessert is the result of the collaboration between Berlin artist KEF and pastry sous-chef Benoît Gressent, who have produced a remarkable work of craftsmanship. The duo chose to highlight the combination of tangerine and tonka white chocolate, which go together perfectly.

The price : €75 for 7 to 8 people.

Where is it found? Only at the Molitor hotel, pre-order for a withdrawal on December 24.


The log of Cédric Grolet

Tastes : For the end-of-year celebrations, Cédric Grolet offers not one but three yule logs, all in finesse. The star pastry chef combines several airy preparations, we then discover a vanilla entremets, an XXL Saint-Honoré and finally a brown cassis log, our favorite. This one is made from chestnuts, combined with a blackcurrant confit and a roasted chestnut mousse taking on the air of lace… A little gem of gluttony. 

The price : Chestnut-blackcurrant log, €80 for 6 to 8 people.

Where is it found? On demand here.


Yann Couvreur's yule log

Tastes :  On his sublime Isatis yule log, Yann Couvreur has highlighted a fox, his totem animal. In his childhood, the pastry chef came across one almost every day, lurking on the edge of the forest. It therefore brings a touch of magic to this entremets composed of a pecan biscuit, a vanilla caramel heart and simply exquisite maple syrup. 

The price : 90 € for 6 people.

Where is it found? In Yann Couvreur stores.


The Ritz log

Tastes : This year, the Christmas log imagined by François Perret reveals very gourmet flavors. With 'Le Mont Ritz' the pastry chef pays homage to the Swiss origins of César Ritz. Under the snow-capped mountains, we discover a subtle alliance of chestnut cream, an airy mousse and broken chestnuts, before ending with a crumble and a cheesecake to die for. With this precious creation, the Best Restaurant Pastry Chef in the world will delight the greatest gourmets.

The price : €110 for 6 to 8 people.

Where is it found? The yule log is available by reservation 48 hours in advance at the Ritz Paris Concept Store, on 01 43 16 32 74.


The log of the Hôtel de Crillon

Tastes :  Once upon a time... an enchanting log, in the shape of a black forest, delicately placed on a tale by Perrault. To make it, Matthieu Carlin was inspired by the magic of the holidays and the stories of his childhood. This superb creation contains a mascarpone mousse and a 100% regressive chocolate cream. A delicious dish, purely unforgettable…

The price : €80 for 6 to 8 people.

Where is it found? On order at the hotel, on 01 44 71 15 00.


The log of Hugo & Victor

Tastes : Under its hazelnut dacquoise with Kawa spices, this Hugo & Victor yule log is garnished with a mousse with the same spices, a hazelnut praline from Piedmont and finally a whipped cream with clementine zest from Corsica. Welcome exotic notes, which will quickly warm our palate!

The price : 59 € for 6 people.

Where is it found? At Hugo & Victor, 40 Boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris.


The log of Pierre Hermé

Tastes :  This year, maestro Pierre Hermé's signature yule log dazzles us, with its aromas of a blackcurrant and geranium pepper crumble linked to the smoothness of a blackcurrant compote, topped with a touch of redcurrant and lemon juice. All under a magnificent chocolate shell adorned with shooting stars… A real gourmet nugget!

The price : €120 for 10 to 12 people.

Where is it found? In Pierre Hermé boutiques or by order on the brand's website here. The signature fleur de cassis log is available from December 19 to 25.


The Éclair de Génie log

Tastes :  For the end-of-year celebrations, Christophe Adam has transformed his flagship pastry into an exceptional Yule log, in Christmas colours. On the program: white chocolate and pistachio ganache, fondant raspberry heart and festive chocolate decorations. No doubt, the Berlingot giant éclair will make people happy!

The price : €49 for 6 to 8 people.

Where is it found? In L'Éclair de Génie stores, or on pre-order here.


The Burgundy log

Tastes :  With this trompe-l'oeil yule log, pastry chef Pascal Hainigue pays tribute to the great work of bees. Shaped like a beehive, this original creation features a clementine-honey mousse, a soft lemon and clementine biscuit, a caramel cream and a hazelnut crunch. Logically, each cell is covered with buckwheat honey, for an explosion of flavors.

The price : 100 € for 8 people. A jar of Hédène honey is offered with the log.

Where is it found? On order at 01 42 60 34 12 or by email:

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