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The Chez Julien restaurant is getting a makeover

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Ideally located in the heart of the Marais, the restaurant Chez Julien is a haven for both trendy Parisians and tourists passing through.

Nestled in a former bakery listed as a historical monument, the Chez Julien restaurant immediately catches the eye of passers-by with its period storefront, its gilding and its large terrace. If this address that Parisians sneak under the coat is stormed during the Fashion Week, the rest of the time it is a true haven of peace in the heart of Paris. With its exceptional location, it offers a magnificent view on the Louis Philippe bridge and on the St Gervais church, the oldest church in France after Notre-Dame-de-Paris… The dream spot to enjoy the French way of life!

A sublime setting in the Grande Epoque style

Once through the door, you marvel at discovering a authentic decor, dated of 1901. It has been brilliantly reinterpreted by Gerard Cholot, which also revamped two Parisian institutions: Bouillon Chartier and Thoumieux. For Chez Julien, the star scenographer has retained the “Grande Époque” atmosphere. Thus, XNUMXth century tiling and ceiling painted on glass signed by the famous painter Gilbert mingle with red velvet benches, chandeliers with tassels and beautiful empire bar… A majestic decoration which does not continue upstairs. We discover a waiting room in zebra skin at thebaroque and cozy atmosphere. A privatized setting for your major events!

A vast bucolic terrace

In this real Parisian institution with eternal charm, the restaurant Chez Julien has an idyllic and flowery setting. The establishment's terrace is the ideal place for lunch, brunch or just to sip a cocktail... Especially since it offers 3 completely different atmospheres. If the first terrace at the level of the small pedestrian square on rue des Barres displays a typically Parisian charm, the second throne in full sun. The ideal option for those who want to fill up on vitamin D! Very intimate, the youngest promises its 120 guests lunch incognito, in peace, far from the bustle of Paris... The ultimate added value: it is open all year round, winter and summer.

A talented and passionate young chef

In the kitchen, the chef Helmi Derbal, offers its signature dishes which it offers according to the seasons. Having worked with Carpe Diem and Black Truffles in Neuilly, the young chef pays particular attention to the quality of the local products. He takes care to use only fresh products, sourced from the market. His recipes are worked in an original way, with his little personal touch coming to twist everything. His favorite product? The scams, that he works in all its forms, according to his desires…

Gourmet cuisine that invites you to travel

We then find on the menu: homemade foie gras with Melano truffle, fruit chutney and mustard seeds or a delicious truffled risotto that will delight black gold aficionados. The property also offers a nice fish card diverse and varied, worked in all forms. Sea bass ceviche, fillet of red mullet – barbet, snacked sea bass fillet, mashed broccoli, not to mention the Sole from small boat miller style, accompanied by mashed truffled potatoes… A delight!
The big ones meat are not left out. We find essential dishes such as the veal tartare with a knife or the Chateaubriand, Sarawak and Penja pepper sauce and its homemade fries… Our recommendation if you are two? The Aberdeen Angus Prime Rib, accompanied by pan-fried vegetables and homemade fries. To fall !

For those who want to end with a small more smoothly., know that here, the choice is not lacking. Astonishing truffle ice cream, “Valhrona” chocolate diamond, Breton strawberry shortbread or even a succulent Bergeron apricot cheesecake… There’s something for everyone.

With its exceptional and tasty food, the restaurant taken over by Alexandre Chapon ticks all the boxes of the ideal place, whether to celebrate events and live convivial and delicious moments...

At Julien's, 1 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris. 01 42 78 31 64

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