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5 restaurants for a nice dinner with friends

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Capital of gastronomy, Paris sees new restaurants springing up all the time… Difficult to find your way around in this myriad of addresses. Fortunately, the editorial staff of Paris Select has selected 5 restaurants for you for a dinner with friends.



Inaugurated last year, Mamamia wants it all first Italian festive restaurant from Paris. Instead of the Jacopo, it brings together the same ingredients for success: delicious dishes (signed by the chef Olivier Dupuy) festive atmosphere and beautiful clientele. On the plates, we then discover a tasty and surprising cuisine. Our recommendations ? The beef carpaccio and the grilled octopus as starters, then the delicious truffle rigatoni and its truffled veal jus! The alternative ? Lobster ravioli or mushroom risotto, simple but super tasty. As a dessert, don't miss theExtravaganza to share, served at the table like a super stylish show.

Atmosphere level, it rises crescendo, over the course of the meal... Shortly before the start of the second service, the DJ takes place on the turntables, the light dims and people get up to dance merrily to the rhythm of the music. A happy mix between Beyoncé and France Gall, passing by Dalida… Moreover, it is not uncommon to see some get up on their chairs and put on a crazy atmosphere until closing time! For those who want to continue their evening, head for the Raspoutine opposite or the Médellin just a few steps away. Please note that on Wednesday and Thursday, live music is there to liven up the room until noon in the morning !

Mamamia Paris, 5 bis rue Vernet, 75008 Paris. 01 42 89 17 93. Discover other festive restaurants jstay here.


Mama's Diner

After Mama Paris West and Mama Paris East, the Mama Shelter group inaugurated its latest: Mama Paris La Defense! Enthroned in the famous business district, this new place to live stands out with several core assets.

The one that tops the list is not its rooftop but its restaurant on the ground floor: the Mama's Diner!  Checkered floor, soft benches in shades of pink, colored neon lights, jukebox bright… Here, you can easily immerse yourself in the warm and truly unique atmosphere of American diners from the 50s. A decoration slightly twisted with a few touches on the theme of space exploration. We were thus able to spot constellation curtains, lamps in the shape of rockets and a spatial ceiling… Enough to fly off to the stars. On the menu, it's the diner atmosphere that we find: burgers, nachos, quesadillas, XXL milkshakesPancakes, Mac and cheese, pecan pie and brownies madness… A new resolutely retro address that will make you live the american dream.

Mama's Diner, 10 rue Jean Jaures, 92800 Puteaux



In the heart of the 17th district, a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe, Flonflon opened its doors a few months ago. To the delight of local gourmets! This Parisian bistro represents the first address of the Chef Pierre-Thomas Clement, passed through the greatest kitchens. As soon as you enter, you discover a warm and resolutely modern setting: floral tapestry, chandeliers, Bamileke headdresses with colored feathers and raffia... We fell in love with this well-thought-out decoration. And the wonder continues on the plates. Here, the chef bets on a reduced menu, made with local products, fresh and seasonal.

We then discover a delicious bistronomic cuisine with frank and authentic flavors: veal tartare, soft-boiled egg, scallops and truffle gnocchi, braised beef cheek bourguignonne… The dishes are exquisite and we are conquered from the starter to the dessert. For sweet-toothed people, don't skip the chocolate cake and its pistachio heart. It will make you melt with happiness... To accompany this delicious meal, you can choose from the extensive wine list or opt for a cocktail. Simple and ultra-tasty dishes, a cozy and friendly atmosphere and attentive service, here is the winning combination of Floon. Definitely our new favorite restaurant in western Paris!

Flonflon, 2 Rue Brunel, 75017 Paris



New arrival from district of MouffetardOTTO was imagined by the duo of childhood friends Stephane Offner et Tony Alvarez Parage. These two friends work in collaboration with the starred chef Éric Trochon. OTTO unveils a unique concept that we love. 

As soon as you arrive, you can admire the team at work in the central kitchen. In effect, inspired of traditions Japanese Izakaya, the counter allows customers to see the chef preparing all the dishes. A perfect artistic direction signed by the firm Ich&Kar.

Eric Trochon, true japan lover, gave free rein to his imagination to develop OTTO. Meilleur Ouvrier de France, it offers a menu that changes constantly, according to seasonal arrivals. With the concept of "small" plates to share, OTTO relies on one atmosphere at a time secret and friendly. And to accompany the dish delicious, OTTO presents a cave with a selection of wines purposes. Then on explore no less than 120 references: wine copyright, nature ou dynamic glorifying our terror. As well as de beautiful bottles of Japanese whiskey for greedy…

OTTO, 5 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris.


Pastis Brewery

With proven delicious flavors tropical, proven tables warm and its resolutely festive atmosphere, the Pastis Brewery is the perfect HQ in the west of Paris. Ideally located on the boulevard Haussmann, sister of the brasserie Cezanne, this shop we has since conquered long time. Contact are so particularly happy to learn than Pastis a open une Gym à go, The Pastis Dining Room. Perfect for great dinner parties With friends, the birthdays and other celebrations.

The card is signed by the Chef Paul Alexandre Laumont. We therefore find his signature dishes, typical of the south: sautéed whole octopus, Scallops a la Provençale or the famous lamb chops with a full-bodied juice and rosemary, perfect for lovers of fine meats.

To be privatized as soon as possible to celebrate your special occasions in a friendly atmosphere!

 Brasserie Pastis, 87 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris


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