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Coolsculpting, Slimiser, these new beauty trends that appeal to Parisians

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Do you know Coolsculpting?… and Slimiser? These two new beauty trends can be discovered at the Center Esthétique Trémoille, in the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris. As the summer body is getting ready now, we tested these two proven slimming technologies for you. 


Focus on the Trémoille Aesthetic Center

Located between Avenue George V and Avenue Montaigne, the Center Esthétique Trémoille is one of our favorite addresses for aesthetic medicine treatments. Above all, we appreciate the expertise of the medical team and that of the nurses trained in the latest technologies. The strong point is also the personalized advice for each patient. Security and trust are their watchwords. To find the solution best suited to your needs, you meet the Center's experts during an initial free consultation. After carefully analyzing your figure, they work with you to define the treatment plan best suited to your expectations. 

To learn more about these new methods, here is some information that will enlighten you on the specifics of these ultra-effective techniques for sculpting and reshaping your body.

So, cold or ultrasound, which technique to choose?


Coolsculpting, a technology for sculpting the body using cold.

What is Coolsculpting? This is a cold slimming method: fatty deposits are destroyed using the ultra-technological Elite device. This treatment is for anyone who wants to refine their body.

How does Coolsculpting work? By applying it to the area to be treated, the Elite machine will suck up the fatty deposits by imposing a very cold temperature on them (from -11° to -13°). Sessions last between 1 and 2 hours. The CoolSculpting technique makes it possible to treat several areas during the same session. It is possible to treat, among other things, the stomach, arms, thighs, buttocks, saddlebags, etc. During your first appointment at the center of La Trémoille, each area will be assessed.

His advantages ? No anesthesia is needed and the process will leave you with no scars. The body will continue to lose fat cells for up to six months after the session. The results, visible after three or four weeks, are lasting and tangible…


The Slimiser, an innovation to eliminate excess fat by Ultrasound.

What is the Slimiser? The Slimiser is a non-invasive body-shaping technology: it does not require anesthesia and does not cause pain. It is a certified medical device. It reduces excess fat using convergent ultrasound. The arrival of this 100% French technology has truly upset the world of body contouring.

How does the Slimiser work? The Slimiser compresses and stretches the cells millions of times which weakens their membranes and eliminates them. The skin is vacuumed for a few seconds. Ultrasound transmitters will compress and expand the cells at very high frequency, which will lead to the rupture of the membranes of the adipocytes (where the fats are located). A session lasts approximately 30 minutes. During your first appointment at the center of La Trémoille, you will be advised on the number of sessions required.

The results will be visible after a few weeks, the time that the fat is gradually released. The Slimiser allows a waistline reduction of up to 5 cm! Localized fat on the hips, stomach, thighs or even the buttocks can be reduced in this way. 

It's the ideal boost to feel good in your body and in your head!

Find more information on the Trémoille center website.

Trémoille Aesthetic Center, 20 Rue de la Tremoille, 75008 Paris – 01 40 06 07 96

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