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5 very cool sports you absolutely must try

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Exercising doesn't just extend to doing sit-ups or running on a treadmill. There are a multitude of physical activities to move while having fun. In Paris, more and more clubs offer unique coaching. The capital is slowly beginning to adopt new trends from all over the world. Paris Select makes you discover the three most fashionable sports of the moment. 

Indoor Cycling


When you live in the daily stress of Paris, all you want is to let off steam. Nothing like indoor cycling. But then, what is it? In French, indoor cycling is practiced mainly in communities. Screwed to his indoor bike, a hyper-motivated coach gives us orders and motivates us to surpass ourselves. Practically plunged into darkness and loud music, you come out of your coaching completely washed out! 

Its benefits: Indoor cycling is effective for stimulating your cardio and getting a shapely shape. 

Where to do it in Paris? Dynamo Studios offers 45-minute sessions. They are the leaders in indoor cycling and have a total of 8 studios throughout Paris. 

Dynamos Studios – 5 rue Dupin, 75006 Paris // 79 rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris



Bungee Fitness comes straight from Thailand. This original sport is a mix of different physical activities. Held by a harness, we practice several movements on the ground that can resemble dance, fitness and acrobatics. Playful and fun, it allows you to do sports while having fun. 

Its benefits: Bungee Fitness is effective for working on flexibility and helping to achieve good posture on a daily basis.

Where to do it in Paris? Studio Lagree in Neuilly-Sur-Seine offers several types of aerial lessons and Bungee-Fit-Cardio.

Studio Lagree – 30 Rue d'Orleans, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine


Outdoor Yoga

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Yoga has been the sports reference for influencers in search of well-being for several years. And now that the sunny days are coming, Parisians are now looking to do outdoor yoga. Perfect for recharging your batteries and taking a break for yourself, this sport is undoubtedly the most popular sport for women in search of inner peace.

Its benefits: Above all, yoga allows you to acquire muscle strength and balance. It can also have a very good impact on your day-to-day posture.

Where to do it in Paris? Le Brach Paris, Clarins and the Luz Collections brand are offering you a day dedicated to disconnection and well-being, on March 15th. Take advantage of the hotel's terrace to disconnect from Parisian stress. 

Le Brach Hotel – 1-7 Rue Jean Richepin, 75016 Paris



For the past few months, padel has been gaining momentum. This racket sport, halfway between tennis and squash, is attracting more and more young athletes. It is generally played in doubles on a glazed or fenced court, smaller than a tennis court.

Its benefits : Padel is a very good cardiovascular exercise. But that's not all. It is also the ideal sport to lose weight. With each part, it is possible to lose up to 1000 calories.

Where to do it in Paris? To practice padel near Paris, it is possible to go to the Paris Country Club in Rueil-Malmaison.

Paris Country Club – 121 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel de Montbrison, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

The Boot Camp


Increasingly popular with those who want to lose weight, bootcamp is the most effective sport for losing weight quickly. The bootcamp is a collective sports session punctuated by a sports coach. This one gives you sets of exercises at different intensities. They must be executed without interruption.

Its benefits : The bootcamp allows you to surpass yourself. A real training camp, you will practice speed, strength or aerobic exercises. It will therefore help you build muscle in all parts of your body.

Where to do it in Paris? Boot camp enthusiast? Meet at Midtown Studio at 21 Rue de Bassano, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. 

Midtown Studio – 21 rue de Bassano 75016 Paris



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