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6 activities in Paris under the sign of Asia

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Want a change of scenery without having to leave Paris? Discover the best Parisian addresses that will take you on a trip to Asia for a day. From art to gastronomy through practical workshops, enjoy a busy day placed under the sign of Asia.

An exhibition at the Guimet museum

The Guimet museum, or National Museum of Asian Arts, is an ideal outing idea to learn more about the art and customs of Asian civilizations. Painting, sculpture, textiles and even jewelry: you will discover one of the most impressive collections in the world in Asian art. You can stroll, room after room, in the different regions of Asia and discover the treasures contained in this museum. Then proceed toHeidelbach Hotel to contemplate the Japanese garden.

Guimet Museum – 6 Pl. d'Iéna, 75116 Paris

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Participate in an introductory tai chi class

Come discover thechinese martial art what is the Tai Chi the time of an initiation course. This practice, full of benefits for body and soul, can be likened to gymnastics, but with a much more spiritual dimension. THE tai chi movements are intended to gain flexibility and dynamism. They allow both muscular and mental relaxation, a balance between body and mind. It is a gentle practice and accessible to everyone which will bring you the greatest well-being. Awaken your body and senses with tai chi initiation class located in the 13th arrondissement.

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Culinary workshop around Vietnamese specialties

Asia is full of culinary specialties which radiate throughout the world. Here, we are particularly interested in the Southeast Asian cuisine with the culinary workshop led by Diana. You will make a bobun, a salad made with rice vermicelli, spring rolls, raw vegetables and meat (an alternative to tofu for vegetarians is possible). So you will learn three recipes during this course, as you will be in charge of nems design and stir-fried beef that make up your bobun. Then leave with your creation and a easy recipe idea, balanced and tasty.

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A frenzied evening in a karaoke

Karaoke is an integral part of asian culture, and especially in Japan where it is a real institution. After its boom in the 70s, karaoke bars are emerging all over the world. In Paris, the B.A.M. Karaoke reinvents the genre with private boxes where you can sing while enjoying a cocktail in a unique setting. Nothing better to have fun for an evening!

BAM Karaoke Etoile – 69 Av. de Wagram, 75017 Paris - +01 84 25 95 33 XNUMX


Enjoy a delicious meal at Chez Thaï

The discreet and playful thai restaurant has built a solid reputation with local customers and is highly regarded for business lunches. The restaurant owner was trained in cooking at the prestigious Ferrandi school. The Thai restaurant offers a variety of dishes with fragrant flavors, colorful and often authenticity that transport the senses and the taste buds. Although the recipes are mainly inspired by Thai gastronomic heritage, they also incorporate various Southeast Asian culinary influences, such as those in Vietnam, Hong Kong or parts of China. They weave a real bridge between these different cultures that merge beautifully.

Chez Thaï – 4 Rue de l'Eglise, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - +09 60 41 32 32 XNUMX


Go see La Pagoda de Paris

Located in the district of 8th arrondissement of Paris, surrounded by Haussmann buildings with uniform lines, the pagoda offers a striking contrast with its traditional Chinese architecture. With Warm colors, this pavilion shines at the corner of rue de Courcelles and rue Rembrandt, bringing a exotic touch to the urban landscape surrounding.

In 1926, the architect Fernand Bloch transforms an ordinary private mansion into a typical Chinese pagoda.

It is at the request of its owner, Ching Tsai Loo, chinese art dealer passionate about his country and eager to make it known in France. At the time, the city of Paris did not require a building permit, so there was great freedom from an architectural point of view.

The Pagoda – 48 Rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris - +01 45 61 06 93 XNUMX

The best Asian restaurants in Paris

Finally, you can end this day with a unique culinary discovery. Each Asian country has its specialties that you can taste in gourmet restaurants to typical Asian cuisine. Discover or rediscover unique flavors without having to travel halfway around the world.

Click here to discover our selection of Asian restaurants!



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