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The best Parisian address to say bye bye to your tattoos

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Nestled in the very chic 8th arrondissement, Aesthetic Center Tremoille proposes tattoo removal sessions. All services are carried out in a safe and medical environment. Thanks to the technology of its high-performance laser devices, you just have to say goodbye to those tattoos. A little flower on your wrist, your ex's first name in the crook of your neck or even the logo of that old rock band you haven't listened to for years... It's not uncommon to miss a tattoo. Although it is usually a final act, it is now possible to remove all or part of it through tattoo removal. A solution which is far from being marginal according to the figures revealed by the French Society of Dermatology (SFD). The SFD ensures that 10% of people with tattoos in France are planning a day of remove their tattoos.

Tattoo removal, a booming market

If you tattoo removal market therefore faces increasing demand. The practice considered painful and invasive can deter some from taking the plunge. And for good reason, it is strongly advised to talk to experts of the skin formed by tattoo removal techniques. That's good, the Aesthetic Center Tremoille, installed in the 8th arrondissement, has the high tech and the unique know-how. In the hands of laser doctors, tattoos are treated with care. All with the help of a high-end hardware which leaves the skin without scar no side effects.

Concretely, the tattoo removal technique rests on the destruction of artificial pigments of the tattoo present in the skin. Through a laser device, the light is projected directly onto the particles of colors to eliminate. Once burned, the pigment undergoes chemical reaction. It will have the effect of whiten tattoo, a sign that an edema is appearing. Rest assured, this is a completely normal side effect. After a few days, when it disappears, the tattoo becomes visible again but its contours are much more blurred.

PicoPlus™, a state-of-the-art laser that combines power and speed

If you Aesthetic Center Tremoille can boast of have the best service whoever, thanks in particular to his device PicoPlus™ Picoseconds Nd Yag. He is reputed to be one of the most successful today. Combining the technologies of RevLite EO Q-Switched and Nd lasers :YAG. This adds to the power (200 megawatts) a very short pulse duration (from 5 to 20 nanoseconds). This will make it possible to target the tattoo pigments without touching the surrounding tissues and thus avoiding any risk of burns.

Having 4 wavelengths, this device can thus meet to all requests. Precisely targeting the different colors, whether dark inks or colors, light, mixed or black skin tones or even very fine lines. Like those of permanent makeup. While shallow tattoos, i.e. those made more than ten years ago, are the easiest to remove, the power and speed of the PicoPlus™ laser tackles the toughest tattoos.

High-performance technology and unparalleled expertise

Tattoo removal takes place in several sessions the number of which varies according to the size of the model to be erased, his pigmentation as well as the type of ink used. On average, it takes between 6 and 10 sessions. Note that each session must be spaced at least 2 months apart in order to allow the tissues to heal and the pigments to be eliminated naturally. Eventually, PicoPlus™ laser tattoo removal allows remove more than 95% of tattoos.

Beginner from 100 euro, the price also depends on the reason to process and the number of sessions needed to overcome it. A personalized and tailor-made quote is offered by the Aesthetic Center Tremoille. This is an opportunity to speak with a laser dermatologist during a free initial consultation. This discussion allows us to ask all our questions but also to reassure certain apprehensions, in particular those related to pain. If this parameter is obviously variable according to the sensitivity of each patient, know that the sensation felt by most customers is comparable to that of a snap of a rubber band. In the absence of a local anesthesia, which can be requested for more comfort. There skin is cooled fresh air, which greatly reduces the pain.

Tired of seeing this drawing on your skin that you can't stand anymore? Push the door of Aesthetic Center Tremoille and trust the expertise of its dermatologists in complete relaxation. What a makeover and reborn pretty butterfly.

The Trémoille Aesthetic Center – 20 Rue de la Tremoille, 75008 Paris, France -  01 40 06 07 96

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