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The wellness area of ​​Maison ELLE, the new confidential address in the 17th

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A few months ago, the SHE House opened its doors. A few minutes from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées, in the heart of the 17ᵉ arrondissement, this design hotel with the dynamic freshness of the 70s offers its guests an exceptional stay. But it is above all for their relaxing wellness area that the Paris Select had a real crush.

The Maison ELLE Paris Etoile welcomes you for a unforgettable Parisian getaway, in a cozy chic atmosphere. The establishment contains 25 elegant rooms and resolutely modern that promise a bespoke experience. The hotel also has many other assets since we also love it for its super soothing wellness area.

For this space, Maison ELLE has decided to base itself on the Smiling Beauty. Smiling Beauty is a holistic approach to beauty that values ​​natural, fresh and vibrant beauty. According to this concept, beauty is related to how you feel inside, and this is reflected on the outside by a warm and sincere smile. And that, Maison ELLE has understood. The services offered by the wellness area are designed to help you feel good inside your body and reveal your natural beauty using gentle and skin-friendly techniques. The objective is to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere to allow customers to recharge their batteries and feel good in body and mind. Maison ELLE aims to focus on harmony between inner well-being and outer beauty and thus make everyone's natural beauty shine.

This cocoon of softness in which we easily find the spirit of the legendary magazine uses care in partnership with Dr Hauschka. The claw uses natural and organic ingredients to help restore the skin's natural balance. When you enter the wellness area, you are immediately bewitched by the delicate smells of orange blossom. 

The wellness area of ​​the SHE House offers revitalizing, relaxing and energizing treatments. They are all made by real therapists trained explicitly for effective massages. The services are carried out in order to relieve lymph pain and thus give a real feeling of lightness at the end of the treatment. Since April 15, the House has also been offering a totally exclusive signature body and face treatment. For 90 minutes, a practitioner will take care of you with suitable products. All will be delicately applied with a brush for a pure moment of relaxation. 

It is also possible to rest in a room with super relaxing virtues by the blazing light of its Himalayan salt wall. The SHE House uses light therapy for a moment of intense relaxation. It is in this same room that you can perform a yoga class. A variety of video lessons produced exclusively with Nathalie Fauquette are broadcast on the flat screen of this same space, in order to meet everyone's needs and desires. Nathalie Fauquette, yoga teacher and well-being ambassador of the House can even give you personalized private lessons. 

To prolong this moment of well-being, it is possible to enjoy a moment in the hammam and the sauna in a cozy and modern atmosphere. For any reservation of a room, access is possible for a period of 45 minutes. External customers can also benefit from it after booking a Dr Hauschka treatment. To make an appointment, all the information is on the website from ELLE House.

To end on a high note, we offer ourselves a sportswear garment or even a cotton bathrobe in the clothing store in the SHE House. It is also possible to leave with vegan leather fitness accessories, all branded with the famous emblematic ELLE logo, perfect for your pilates sessions. Delicious home fragrances with touches of orange blossom created in collaboration with Byka (a young French brand designed by women) are available for sale. This tailor-made scent is now the identity of Maison ELLE. It is subtly found in all the rooms of the hotel and in the wellness area to make you feel at home.

Maison Elle – 14 Rue Brey, 75017 Paris -  01 77 35 90 00

Written by Noémie Sadoun

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Journalist: Noémie Sadoun

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