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David Mallett, the hairdresser of international stars in the heart of the capital

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Located in the Marais, on the second floor of a mansion which David Mallett, hairdresser and creator of hair care has settled. It is in a hairdressing salon like no other that you can be pampered. Zoom on David Mallett, the hairdresser of the stars.

Summer is coming faster than you think. And to prepare as it should, we rush to redo a beauty at the hairdresser. Because yes, who says new season, says new haircut. And in Paris, there is plenty to choose from. Between independent hairdressers, chains of large hairdressers and new salons, there is what to get lost!

Lucky for you, Paris Select has found the hairdresser for you everyone is talking about : David Mallett. Internationally renowned hairdresser, originally from Australia, he has worked with many celebrities. David Mallet has also worked with the most prestigious magazines fashion such as Vogue or even Harper's Bazaar.

He is famous for its personalized approach and his attention to detail. The artist creates haircuts elegant and modern which highlight the individual characteristics of each customer.

The Lounge

It is therefore no surprise that David Mallett decided to open her hairdressing salon in the center of the Marais. It must be said that the hairdresser has a very good experience. He also works at within the Ritz itself, palace 5 stars of the capital. Accustomed to a demanding and prestigious clientele, the hairdresser decided to create a warm living room on the second floor of a mansion.

You will be welcomed into an elegant space and minimalist, designed to offer a luxury and relaxation experience. The team of professional hairdressers who work there are trained in the latest hairdressing trends and techniques. They use high quality products to ensure exceptional results. Widely recognized as one of the best hairdressers in the capital.

David Mallett is also developing its own range of hair care high-end professionals. Its products are distinguished by their authenticity and ease of use. 

The lounge offers modern haircuts but also colors and scans. You can also benefit from personalized hair treatment. In the event of major events, the hairdressers also offer to develop stylish hairstyles (buns, ponytails, etc.) at your request.

On the price side, for the cut / brushing count 300€ when it is done by David Mallett himself and 180€ by a senior stylist.

Our favorite ?

Le Tokyo care. This is a restorative care who deals with damaged hair especially by heat and chemical treatments. If you want to have your hair done like a real star, go to David Mallett.

David Mallett Hair Salon - 14 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris

Hotel Ritz Paris – 15 Place Vendome 75001 Paris


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Journalist: Noémie Sadoun / Layout and management: Axelle Coubard Bellaloum

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