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7 trendy jewelry that Parisians will wear this fall

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Fall is coming with its share of new trends, and this season is no exception when it comes to jewelry. Accessories are an elegant and subtle way to enhance our outfits, to express our personal style. Among the trendy jewelry this fall, the ZAG jewelry collection stands out for its marriage of 316L stainless steel, a robust and durable alloy, with carefully selected natural stones to offer a unique wearing experience. Paris Select invites you to explore ZAG jewelry and discover how it can add a touch of sophistication to your outfits for the season to come.

The Preston bracelet

trendy jewelry

It's the trendy jewelry of autumn, the Preston bracelet in fine gold-plated steel decorated with a colorful rectangular pattern. This bijou at a time elegant and bold is the perfect accessory to enhance your style. Golden steel fine gold gives the bracelet a sophisticated look, while the colorful rectangular pattern brings a touch of modernity and vitality. Pair it with leather bracelets, delicate chains or other metal parts for a trendy layering effect.

Preston bracelet – €45

Rudy earrings

trendy jewelry

Discover long Rud earringsy with a unique architectural design. Made of plain steel or gilded with fine gold, they are composed of three links of hand hammered metal within ZAG workshops. Their versatility makes them perfect for any occasion, whether day or night. Express your style with these trendy earrings which combine elegance and originality.

Rudy earrings – €35.00

The Zitah necklace

trendy jewelry

The sublime Zitah necklace in steel gilded with fine gold is decorated an elegant pendant representing a colorful rosette encrusted with sparkling zirconiums. This jewel will bring a refined touch of color to your neckline and will match perfectly with all your outfits. A perfect piece of jewelry to add a touch ofelegance and shine to your look.

Zitah necklace – €49.00

The Sceria ring

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The sumptuous wide ring Sceria in plain steel is embellished with a natural stone of unparalleled beauty, enhanced by a delicate steel ball enthroned in its center. This ring, a true precious jewel, combines the timeless elegance of steel with natural splendor of stone. Thus creating an accessory of rare beauty. The fact that the ring is adjustable guarantees you a optimal comfort, allowing you tofit your finger perfectly.

Sceria ring – €45.00

The May 70 bracelet

trendy jewelry

Choose the May 70 link bracelet in plain steel or gilded with fine gold. This accessory that perfectly embodies the essence of rock style. Its robust design and timeless design make it the ideal companion for enhance your outfit with a rebellious touch. Wear it stacked on your wrist for a bold and decidedly trendy look. Assert your style with the bracelet May 70 which will captivate all eyes.

May 70 Bracelet – €49.00

The Pinto necklace

trendy jewelry

Choose the Pinto necklace in steel gilded with fine gold! This unique necklace features an elegant hammered lozenge adorned witha colored stone. This jewel evokes a ethnic aesthetic, adding a touch of character to your style. You have the possibility of wearing it solo for a discreet and refined look, or of accumulating it withother necklaces from the ZAG collections to create a beautiful personal composition !

Pinto necklace – €45.00

The Clara ring

trendy jewelry

Let yourself be seduced by the Clara ring in steel, available in plain or gilded version with fine gold. This unique piece features a square shape delicately made from small metal balls, embellished with a sparkling zirconium in the center. Its refined and elegant look will instantly enhance your hands, bringing a touch of shine to your style. This ring is much more than a simple accessory, she embodies the refinement and brilliance, making it an essential choice to enhance your fall outfits.

Clara ring – €35.00

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