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3 Unique Restaurants to Celebrate Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving, a warm and meaningful celebration, is the perfect opportunity to bring family and friends together around an abundantly furnished table. Celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, this holiday has now spread to other parts of the world. Here are 3 unique addresses where you can celebrate it!

An exceptional Thanksgiving at the Hamptons restaurant

If you are looking for the perfect setting to celebrate Thanksgiving in a warm and distinguished atmosphere, look no further than The Hamptons restaurant ! Nestled in the heart of the Renaissance Hotel in Rueil-Malmaison, this culinary oasis offers a top-notch gastronomic experience. Upon your arrival, themajestic entrance to the restaurant, reminiscent of the sumptuous homes of the Hamptons, will immerse you in a seaside atmosphere. Thursday September 23 from 19 p.m., The Hamptons invites you to an exceptional evening. The atmosphere will be imbued with the magic of Thanksgiving with the intoxicating sound of Blues Corner in concert.

An immersive experience awaits you, combining a special menu celebrating the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving as well as friendliness a dinner around the fireplace. A special menu, carefully concocted by the restaurant's chef, will highlight the delights of Thanksgiving with a dish featuring the emblematic turkey and squash in all its forms for dessert. The traditional card remains, for its part, still available. A true symphony of flavors to brighten up your palate! Reserve your place for this exceptional evening at Restaurant Les Hamptons. A unique experience not to miss.

The Hamptons - 123 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel de Montbrison, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison. By reservation online or on 01 47 77 64 92

Thanksgiving in a refined setting at the Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opéra

Le Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opera invites you to celebrate Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23 with an exceptional menu € 75 per person. Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance of this American holiday, where the chef has prepared an exquisite feast including must-haves such as stuffed turkey, smashed sweet potatoes and pecan pie. In addition, a live band will add a festive musical touch to the evening. Thanksgiving at Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opéra promises a memorable evening combining authentic flavors, festive atmosphere and Parisian elegance!

Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opéra – 1, Rue Scribe, 75009 – Paris – reservation: +33 (0)1 44 71 24 24

Thanksgiving at Cali Sisters for a generous feast

Du 23th and the 25th of November, immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Thanksgiving at Cali Sisters. The Cali Dream Team revisits the classics of this American celebration with a French touch. Discover original creations like the crispy sweet potato with smoked cheddar and the squash perfect egg twisted with chestnut. For the main course, let yourself be tempted by the Classic Turkey revisited in medallion with a stuffing and a So-Cal butternut smash, or comforting him mac & cheese au gratin casserole. Finish in style with a lava cake revisited with butternut, white chocolate and maple syrup, as well as a unstructured pumpkin pie!

Cali Sisters - 17 rue Notre Dame des Victoires, Paris 2nd. Reservation :

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