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“The Christmas of my Dreams”: Charles Vilmorin takes the reins at Galeries Lafayette

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From November 15 to 31 December 2023, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann gives carte blanche to young designer Charles Vilmorin on the'entire department store. From Fashion, to Beauty, including decoration... He breathes a little of his world to reinvent the end of year celebrations, in his own way. 

Complete artist juggling between sewing, styling and drawing, Charles Vilmorin is much more than a young couturier. Only 25 years ago,, he becomes artistic director of the brand Rochas, while melting its eponymous brand. Throughout his career, he collaborated with fashion personalities such as Loic Prigent and Jean Paul Gaultier. He also brought his touch to the 24S site of the LVMH group in order to create a unisex collection. Born on December 25, he carries within him the eternal magic of Christmas.

So, this year, the emblematic Galeries Lafayette entrusted him with the keys to the store to embody the “Christmas of my Dreams”. In an adventure that follows a little girl and her magic paintbrush through an imaginary world, Charles Vilmorin immerses us in his creative and dreamy universe. Galeries Lafayette is transformed with traditional fir trees, Christmas displays, works of art by the artist. And even a special capsule collection! 

An invitation to a magical journey

Charles Vilmorin

Imagine a Christmas without the twinkle of a tree… Unthinkable! To Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, this tradition has been sparkling since 1976. This year, it takes on an exceptional dimension with the tree created by Charles Vilmorin. Inspired by a memorable New Year's Eve party at his grandparents' house, Charles transports us into a night plunged into darkness. His uncle's creativity gave birth to a light installation. She transcended the tree and the whole room. The majestic dome of the store transforms into an enchanting spectacle. The mysterious creatures that seem to gravitate around the tree evoke a great concerto under this iconic dome.

But that's not all. The windows of Boulevard Haussmann, the result of collaboration between teams from Galeries Lafayette, the Bournillat workshop, and the creative spirit of Charles of Vilmorin, take us on a captivating epic. A purely unique alliance celebrating the poetic fusion between fashion as well as artisanal know-how.

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A decidedly fashionable Christmas!

On this occasion, Charles de Vilmorin also made a selection of brands which he particularly cherishes. Thus, he collaborates with them to create exclusive limited edition products. Regardless of the field: fashion, decoration, beauty, or even gourmet, the guiding vision is clear… Bringing the “Christmas of my Dreams”

Galeries Lafayette x Charles Vilmorin

Charles Vilmorin

For this exclusive collaboration with the Galeries Lafayette Own Brand, the carefully chosen pieces present themselves as true works of art. The silhouettes and sensual shapes are magnified by vibrant colors and patterns that Charles Vilmorin specially imagined, seeming straight out of a hand-painted canvas. This joyful collection breathes a new life to the wardrobe from each and every one!

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Embroidered beret, €39 / Reversible bomber, €129 / Pleated square, €39 / Printed sweater, €89 / Knitted pants, €89 / Knit dress, €89 / Cotton t-shirt, €39 / Striped shirt, €89

Charles Vilmorin x Clarins

Charles Vilmorin
Exclusive color lipstick, Clinique x Charles Vilmorin, €32

For this limited edition, riding a collaboration with Clinique, the young couturier designed a lipstick (and cheek) intense and truly pictorial, inspired by the mystical Lady Flower. Its theatrical aspect resonates harmoniously with the use of this essential beauty accessory !

For a magical bedroom

Charles Vilmorin
Wool rug, La Redoute Interiore, €99,99/ Notebook, Moleskine, €60/ Pen, ST Dupont, €250/ Cotton lampshade, La Redoute Interiors, from €179,99/ Poster, Marcel Travel Posters, from €25

The common thread that links all these elements lies in the exceptional fusion between art and creativity. A theme dear to his heart and which is present in every aspect of this collection. The Flower Lady, the central character of his story, comes to life through a collection of decoration. With La Redoute Interiors, Moleskine, Marcel Travel Posters as well as ST Dupont. Each piece, from the lampshade to the rug to the pen, evokes the little girl's overflowing imagination.

For a fabulous Christmas banquet

Christmas decoration and baubles, Galeries Lafayette x Charles Vilmorin, from €6/ Chocolate bar, Le Chocolat des Français, €7,50/ Box of two jams, Confiture Parisienne, €14,90/ Treat pack, Pierre Marcolini, €24

This collaboration proved to be a perfect fusion between childhood, the delicacy of chocolate, and Christmas festivities. The delicious marriage of chocolate and pieces of caramel in the world of French chocolate resonates with the spirit of Christmas by Charles Vilmorin. Every element of this Christmas bauble collection, from the colorful stripes to the magic paintbrush, is a nod to the magical universe that he wants to share.

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann – 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

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