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10 jeweler rings to inspire your Christmas wishlist

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Whether for Christmas, your birthday, or any other memorable occasion, the symbolism of a beautiful ring remains incomparable. In this quest for the perfect accessory, Paris Select reveals its exclusive selection of trendy rings. Refined jewels designed to be worn every day, all at affordable prices.

The Nudo Classic Ring by Pomelatto 


The Nudo Classic Ring by Pomellato is a perfect symbiosis between refinement and modernity. “Naked” stone offers an infinite color palette, offering limitless customization. The Nudo, emblematic of the house Pomellato, transcends trends with its timeless design. Its finesse and refined look make it a versatile piece of jewelry, ready to complement your style for any occasion. The possibility to combine this piece with other stones of various sizes adds a unique dimension, allowing you to create a personalized collection, totally in your image.

Pomelatto - Nudo Classic Ring – 2

The Force 10 Ring Small model in pink gold and diamonds by Fred


Discover the unrivaled elegance of Fred's Force 10 Ring. A refined piece of jewelry in rose gold embellished with white diamonds. This model, of reduced size, merges 750/1000 rose gold with the subtle sparkle of diamonds, embodying the very essence of contemporary luxury. Every detail of your Fred jewelry has been carefully crafted according to the strictest criteria. Rigorous controls have been applied at all stages of its manufacturing, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The alliance of rose gold and diamonds creates a visual symphony, transforming this ring into an exceptional piece that transcends eras.

Fred - Force 10 ring Small model in pink gold and diamonds - € 1

The Serpent Bohème Pattern S Ring by Boucheron 


La Boucheron Serpent Bohème ring is a piece that reinvents itself in a magnificent alliance yellow gold and malachite. This delicate creation captures the quintessence of boldness and assertive femininity. This ring, born in the prestigious Boucheron workshops in years 1970, has established itself as a timeless and singular icon. She becomes your ally in revealing your uniqueness. The Serpent Bohème, like a molt, transforms to meet your desires of color, freedom and feminine affirmation.

Boucheron - Bohemian Snake Ring Pattern S – €2

Gold and diamond rings by Roberto Coin

Princess Flower Ring in Rose Gold and Diamonds
Tiny Princess Ring in Yellow Gold

Explore the incomparable splendor of the Tiny Princess Collection with the sumptuous rings of Roberto Coin. Immerse yourself in the unrivaled brilliance of Princess Flower ring in yellow gold, adorned with sparkling white diamonds of exceptional purity, totaling 0,048 carat. Let yourself also be seduced by the delicacy and harmony of the Yellow Gold Ring set with Diamond. A captivating creation bearing an exquisite 0,07 carat diamond. Every detail of these rings, imbued with the artisanal expertise of Roberto Coin, tells a story of timeless beauty and contemporary sophistication. These exceptional jewels are not just accessories, but eternal style statements.

Roberto Coin - Princess Flower Ring in Rose Gold and Diamonds – price not communicated

Roberto Coin - Tiny Princess Ring in Yellow Gold - € 1

The Petit Joli Ring by Pasquale burnished 

The Petit Joli Ring by Pascale Bruni is an exquisite creation in 18k rose gold which merges the refinement of rock crystal doublet, the richness of lapis lazuli as well as the brilliance of diamonds. Every detail of this delicately crafted ring tells a story of sophistication and emotion. The 12 mm flower, created from rock crystal and lapis lazuli doublet, evokes the delicacy and power of nature. Each element of this ring testifies to the artisanal precision and attention to detail, resulting in a work of art that transcends convention.

Pasquale Bruni - Petit Joli Ring – €1

Chaumet’s Link Set Rings 

Jeux de Liens ring in pink gold
Games of Links ring in gold White

Admire timeless elegance with the Chaumet Jeux de Liens ring. A remarkable piece of white gold set with diamonds brilliant cut. This creation, delicate and refined, embodies the eternal link between exquisite design and the dazzling beauty of diamonds. THE Jeux de Liens rings in white gold, pink gold and diamonds, are much more than just jewelry. They are a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance. Compliant with the Kimberley Process, these rings demonstrate the commitment of Chaumet towards quality and ethics. Holding a Link Games Ring, you will wear a piece that goes beyond simple jewelry to become an extension of your style and sophistication.

Chaumet - Jeux de Liens ring in pink gold - € 1

Chaumet - Jeux de Liens ring in white gold – price not communicated

Messika’s diamond rings

Move Uno Pavé Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold
Move Uno Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

The Move Uno Paved Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold from Maison Messika is a creation in 18k yellow gold which redefines the brilliance of diamonds. His precious cage, entirely paved with diamonds, houses a moving brilliant-cut diamond, creating a visual symphony that captures the light in a unique way. The thin pavé band adds a touch of sophistication to this ring, making it Move Uno the undisputed icon of Maison Messika.

Then, the Move Uno large model in yellow gold is an irresistible creation of the Messika House, seduced by its sleek design and generous proportions. Solar yellow gold merges with the moving diamond. The delicate openwork of the ring and the central diamond in movement give this ring a strong and captivating line.

Mexico - Move Uno Pavé Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold – €1

Mexico - Move Uno Yellow Gold Diamond Ring - € 1

The Chopard Ice Cube White Gold Ring by Chopard

Since its introduction in 1999, the Ice Cube collection offers a series of successive interpretations of his modern aesthetic, drawing inspiration from small blocks of ice. Symbolizing perfection and remarkable geometry, the cube becomes a source of inspiration in all creative fields. By opting for this emblematic figure, the Ice Cube collection dares to play with its rarity, its disruptive aesthetic and the infinite light reflections of its many facets. This minimalist elegance transcends the boundaries of time.

Chopard - Chopard Ice Cube Ring White Gold - € 1

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