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Antoine Chapoutot: passion for custom jewelry

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In the heart of the Rue des Beaux-Arts, nestles a confidential treasure well known to lovers of custom jewelry: the workshop of Antoine Chapoutot. In this private setting, connoisseurs will find much more than just a boutique. They will discover a whole creative universe, that of a passionate person who devotes his expertise to each creation! Thus, in an intimate atmosphere, you are invited to actively participate in the creation of your jewelry.

His boutique, a true showcase of refinement, reveals a universe where each creation demonstrates unparalleled expertise. Precious stones of exceptional quality, innovative designs,… Beyond the purchase of a piece of jewelry, Antoine Chapoutot offers a unparalleled experience. It all starts from a simple observation, that its customers were not simply looking for a brand to join a group, but that they wanted a personal creation, incarnate. A precious object that reflects their true essence. Each customer is unique, and her jewelry will be just as unique.

Antoine Chapoutot and jewelry, a love story…

Antoine Chapoutot

Antoine Chapoutot is a man of many facets. His passion for precious stones took root at the age of 12 when he received a gift some minerals in their raw state from a German correspondent. It was at this moment that Antoine discovered the basis of a passion that would captivate him all his life: stones, their purity, their history. EDC graduate, he then directs his studies towards an adapted master's degree to the luxury industry. This is where the click came, and the choice of his career became obvious: jewelry.

In 1995,, he made his dream come true and launched into entrepreneurship also with an artistic hat and creative jewelry as his field. So, in this adventure, he shakes up jewelry conventions, adopting an innovative look at this constantly changing profession.

From Place Saint Sulpice to Rue des Beaux Arts 

Antoine Chapoutot
Antoine Chapoutot showroom, Rue des Beaux Arts

Initially, Antoine Chapoutot begins his career Place Saint-Sulpice, where he welcomes his customers upstairs. To make himself known, he multiplied exhibitions, both in Paris with “Creative Jewelers” au the Champs-Élysées roundabout than in New York, in Beijing, by the way by London or Dubai, Geneva...

In 2000,  always Left Bank, in the emblematic district from Saint-Germain-des-Près, the designer continued his rise and moved to rue de Tournon, where he continued to receive showrooms until September 2010. It was in fact in these times of subprime that he decided to open his first boutique, Seine Street, Or he assures his style and develops his vision of jewelry, focused on unique pieces and tailor-made items.

“The Jewels Scape”

In order to sustain its work, Antoine Chapoutot surrounds itself with the best workshops in Paris. Every morning, he visits these workshops and supervises each stage of the creation of the jewelry. From the model to the casting, including setting and polishing, everything is scrupulously followed to obtain the quintessence of jewelry. In January 2020, he decided to return to his sources, when he hosted in showrooms, more conducive to the listening required by tailor-made. He took the opportunity to celebrate the last 10 years of the boutique but more generally his 25 years of creation, with a composition entitled “Le Jewels Scape”, a joint work with the painter Erro. 

Today, Antoine Chapoutot welcomes again in the showroom, by appointment,Rue des Beaux-Arts, in a place bathed in fabulous natural overhead light, conducive to the stones, and which gives life to these exceptional and unique creations.

Unique creations, always singular

The alliances
The earthlings
The aerial ones

Antoine Chapoutot and the excellence of precious stones

Antoine Chapoutot

Antoine Chapoutot particularly excels in the quality of the precious stones used in its creations. Through his travels to the four corners of the globe, he strives to present his customers with products of unparalleled quality. There quest for excellence also leads him to meet mine owners, thus refining his outlook and perfecting his ability to choose the best. Animated by a great passion for exceptional gems, Antoine Chapoutot unveils a collection of precious stones to support his explanations and share his sources of inspiration.

Thus, this gem enthusiast strives to enhance each stone, to master it in its entirety, by magnifying both the crown and the pavilion. Finally, he selects exceptional stones, cut with unrivaled symmetry, with the ultimate goal of enhance these natural gems.

A tailor-made piece of jewelry

Antoine Chapoutot

Choose the tailor-made in jewelry with Antoine Chapoutot ! It's like deciding to tell your precious story through a piece of jewelry. He puts his listening skills and expertise at your disposal to create a tailor-made piece of jewelry that meets all your desires. The process takes place in several stages. Each representing a significant experience.

It all starts with definition of the ideal type of jewelry : pendant, engagement ring, earrings, cufflinks, necklace, bracelet,… Then comes the choice of stones. From a myriad of selections including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, as well as fine stones such as tourmalines, peridots, tanzanites, garnets, spinels, quartz, and much more. Antoine Chapoutot also introduces you to the secrets of precious and fine stones. It reveals their symbolism, their shine, their color, their hardness, and even their origin. Thus, this in-depth knowledge of stones adds a significant dimension to the jewel that you will wear every day with a very special emotion.

In conclusion, Paris Select warmly recommends this confidential address which offers you an incomparable experience: that of designing a tailor-made piece of jewelry that truly represents you. You will have the privilege of sharing this exceptional project with a talented, passionate creator, determined to bring your vision to perfection. You will be able to enjoy the exclusive pleasure of wearing a unique piece, created especially for you.

The unusual
The daring

Antoine Chapoutot – Rue Des Beaux-Arts, Paris 6°. By appointment 01 42 49 18 24 –

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