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What to do in Paris this weekend? (from December 1 to 3)

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Cultural activities or outdoor events… We have selected the best times to enjoy Paris this weekend. From unique trade fairs to exciting exhibitions and sensational shows… Follow our program to experience an unforgettable weekend in the City of Lights!

This weekend, admire the new exhibition “Iris Van Herpen. Sculpting the Senses »

this week-end

Du November 29, 2023 to April 28, 2024, the exhibition « Iris van Herpen. Sculpting the Senses » celebrates the visionary genius of one of the most innovative fashion designers of her generation. Pioneer in the integration of new technologies In her designs, Iris van Herpen transcends conventional fashion norms. Thus, she explores traditional know-how and futuristic perspectives. 

Featuring a selection of over 100 pieces of haute couture designed by Iris van Herpen, the exhibition establishes a dialogue with contemporary works of art by creators. Collectif Mé, Wim Delvoye, Rogan Brown, Kate McCGwire, Damien Jalet, Jacques Rougerie. As well as design creations from Neri Oxman, Ren Ri, Ferruccio Laviani and Tomáš Libertíny. Elements from the natural sciences, such as corals or fossils, resonate with historical pieces. The exhibition explores the body's relationship with space, its connection with clothing, as well as its interaction with the environment. 

Decorative Arts Museum – 107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Christie's presents the Paris Jewelry sale 

this week-end

Collectors and great jewelry lovers will be happy to know that from December 1 to 15, Christie's presents the exclusive sale Jewelry Paris. This sale is made up of nearly 250 batches, highlighting three strong themes. The bestiary in Jewelry and totem animals. Flowers as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As well as fine pearls, a real invitation to travel. 

In addition to this selection, the Jewelry department has brought together several remarkable collections. Whose a princely from Austria ! This includes exquisite jewelry dating from the XNUMXth century including a rare pair of acrostic bracelets “Think of Mom” et “Honour be he who thinks evil of it” multi gems and diamonds. Collectors should also be seduced by three jewels from Marie-Hélène de Rothschild. Including a rare pair of yellow gold earrings by Claude Lalanne published in 30 copies. 

Christie's – 9 avenue Matignon, 75 008 Paris 

Discover Arket Café’s new veggie cuisine

this week-end

This weekend, Arket enters a new era with the inauguration of its all new Café Végé, in partnership with Martin Berg. Martin, a fervent defender of the new Nordic food movement, brings his expertise in sustainable and responsible cooking. Inasmuch as executive head of Michelin-starred restaurants Mathias Dahlgren and co-founder of the organic café Green Rabbit in Stockholm, he favors traditional methods as well as healthy, ethically produced ingredients. 

Martin consciously marries Nordic recipes with foreign influences. He thus creates a delicious seasonal menu. He highlights whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and traditional legumes. Thus, its mission is to encourage people to opt for positive alternatives.

ARKET Café – 13 Rue des Archives, 75004 Paris

This weekend, visit the Creations & Savoir-faire Salon at Porte de Versailles 

this week-end

THEunmissable DIY event awaits you this weekend in the heart of Paris. The Creations & Know-how Salon gives you an appointment from November 29 to December 3, 2023. Sewing, knitting, decoration, DIY, customization and scrapbooking... Many creative hobbies are represented there. Enough to stock up on inspiration for a new year of DIY! Next to 240 exhibitors will be present to unveil their new products, whether from big brands, trendy designers or artisans. We find there the latest trends, but we can also improve your skills thanks to 1000 hours of facilitated workshops by experts who will be delighted to share their know-how with you! 

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – 1 Pl. de la Prte de Versailles, 75015 Paris

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Test the brand new Ladurée Coffee Shop

This fall, the Laduree House opens a new address dedicated to tasting gourmet drinks and salty and sweet snacks. It is a real ritual that Ladurée wishes to establish in the daily lives of city dwellers. Located at 4 place Edmond Rostand, this elegant point of sale will appeal to all gourmets looking for finger food tasty. now no need for a special occasion to savor its delights. The French tea room experience is reinvented in a take-out format. In addition to offering highly tasteful know-how, this coffee shop gives rise to an authentic Ladurée moment, at any time of the day! 

Ladurée – 4 place Edmond Rostand,  75006 Paris

Discover an astonishing exhibition dedicated to LSD

Eh yes ! A totally event unusual arrives in Paris. For 80 years since the discovery of LSD in 1943, Basfroi Workshop will host the first exhibition dedicated to this psychedelic substance. Entitled, “Psychedelices, 1943-2023: LSD 80 years of waking dreams! », this exhibition will highlight works by many contemporary artists paying homage to this funny invention. Among them, we will find Kiki Picasso, JP Nadau, Faustine Ferrer and Elzo. From November 22 to December 10, 2023 There will also be a series of events, scientific conferences and yoga classes. You will also find a permanent psychedelic store ! This weekend, don't miss this amazing event without any excuse. 

Basfroi Workshop – 23 Rue Basfroi, 75011 Paris

Eat in Stephanie Le Quellec’s new Brasserie Kitchen

Take a seat at the brand new table Stéphanie Le Quellec, the Kitchen, ideally located right in front of the Pinault Foundation. As soon as you enter the doors of this sumptuous restaurant, you will be transported into a world where the Chef, with two Michelin stars, promises you an exceptional contemporary French culinary experience. 

The menu offers a variety of dishes, allowing you to make your choice according to your mood of its own. of the day. Whether you want to something healthy, comforting for gray or reminiscent days the flavors of your childhood for a nostalgic trip, Kitchen has something to satisfy all preferences!

Kitchen by Stéphanie Le Quellec – 48 Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris

This weekend, celebrate M.Chat’s 25th anniversary at the Brugier Rigail gallery

this week-end

This weekend, from November 30, 2023 and until January 13, 2024, Brugier Rigail gallery famous M.Chat’s 25th anniversary ! The feline icon well known to street art enthusiasts is highlighted in an exhibition entitled « Urban reflections ». This personal and free exhibition invites us on a journey through the artistic adventures of the artist's Cat, surveying the most remote corners of the globe. Some of the paintings on display will trace the history of the Cat in the cities where it was originally tagged, as well as on the rooftops of Paris.

Brugier Rigail Gallery – 40 Rue Volta, 75003 Paris

Marvel at the Christmas windows of La Samaritaine 

For this end of the year, it is in a true palace of delicacies that the La Samaritaine department store decided to transform. This time again, color is key! The windows vibrate with sparkling blue and red and reveal impressive wedding cakes.e fir trees, beautiful fashion pieces filed on silver platters, or even models who seem to have already found their ideal party outfit

La samaritaine – 9 R. de la Monnaie, 75001 Paris

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Visit the exhibition “At the Court of Prince Genji” at the Guimet Museum 

The Guimet Museum presents a remarkable exhibition highlighting a central work in the cultural history of Japan. Of 22 November 2023 to 25 March 2024, the exhibition « At the court of Prince Genji » dives into the richness of the novel by Murasaki Shikibu. The poet lived during the Heian period (794-1185). An exceptional era where women enjoyed unprecedented freedom, and the Japanese imperial court was renowned for its delicacy, wealth and refinement. This exhibition also explores how visual representations of the novel were integrated by artists, whether in paintings, prints, sculptures, kimonos, textiles, boîtes et precious objects

National Museum of Asian Arts – Guimet – 6 Pl. d’Iéna, 75116 Paris

Discover the new gourmet collaboration of pastry chef-baker Benoît Castel and graphic designer Tyrsa: “Entre Nous”

After the “Tyrsamisu”, Benoit Castel reunited with a long-time friend, Tyrsa, graphic designer and typographic designer, to help you discover their new exceptional gourmet creation. “Between Us” is the meeting of two friends but above all a dessert to share with family or friends. Beautiful and good to be enjoyed without instructions

The story of this log is written around the universality of the letters sketched by the artist and is told through the pastry know-how of the artisan. On a cereal crisp – signature granola style – we find a creamy coconut and hazelnut praline lined with an ultra soft coconut and hazelnut dacquoise. All around, a creamy cream with Madagascar vanilla completes the picture. So what are you waiting for to taste this wonder? 

Benoît Castel – 150 Rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris - Log for 6/8 people: 50 euros Available on weekends from December 2 and 3, December 9 and 10 and continuously from December 13 until December 24, 2023 

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