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3 workshops to offer for jewelry and watchmaking enthusiasts

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In the fascinating field of jewelry and watchmaking, the exceptional craftsmanship behind unique pieces often remains unknown. Enthusiasts can dive into the heart of these professions thanks to the immersive experiences offered by specialized workshops. Paris Select will take you through three unique workshops, offering amateurs the rare opportunity to discover the well-kept secrets of these meticulous arts. Immerse yourself in a world where artisanal precision meets boundless creativity, each gesture contributing to the birth of exceptional works of jewelry and watchmaking.

Make your personalized medal in 18k yellow gold

Explore the enchanting world of contemporary jewelry with Margaux! From the raw material to the finished piece, it guides you in creating your own medal (16 mm in diameter and 6/10th thick).

This workshop will teach you the use of various jewelry tools. You will be introduced to techniques such as hammering, polishing and engraving, in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

When leaving the workshop, take with you a unique 18-carat gold medal, as well as lasting memories! For an additional personal touch, Margaux suggests adding a personalized engraving with first name and date on the back of the medal.

Finally, for more personalized projects, Margaux can establish a complementary quote to make your tailor-made project a reality. Immerse yourself in the exquisite art of jewelry and transform your ideas into unique creations.

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Train yourself in jewelry making for 5 days

Among these 3 workshops, discover the refined world of fine jewelry during intensive training with Flavie, a passionate expert who will reveal to you all the stages of jewelry creation. Immerse yourself in the heart of its exceptional know-how during this immersive experience.

The first day will be dedicated to bringing your ideas to life through drawing. Under his guidance, you will sketch the first outlines of your jewelry, learning to color them to better visualize your creation.

The next two days will be devoted to the complex lost wax technique. You will master the art of sculpting wax to bring your jewelry to life, this wax then serving as a model for the metal. This method offers exceptional freedom in form and texture. As your creations are cast, you will develop key skills in metal processing, from cutting to welding.

On the fourth day, Flavie will teach you gemmology for the identification of precious stones, avoiding the pitfalls of synthetic stones. You will also learn to recognize and drill pearls. After recovery from the foundry, she will guide you in setting the stones on your jewelry.

The last day, crucial, includes training in polishing which gives all its shine to your creation. You will also discover surface treatment techniques for gilding.

After these five days, you will leave with a deep understanding of the jewelry profession and enriching practical experience. The cost of the training includes the creation of a piece of jewelry, with the possibility of creating several pieces upon payment of the materials. You can also bring old gold jewelry.


Discover the world of watchmaking

Welcome aboard the fascinating exploration of watchmaking during a 3-hour workshop led by Victor and Jérôme!

They will begin the experience with a theoretical introduction where you will learn to discern watch movements. Focusing on the Swiss ETA: 6497/6498 movement which you will explore next.

Practice then takes over! Familiarize yourself with the tools on the workbenches, and let them take the time to explain their use to you. In collaboration with the craftsman, you will dismantle the movement, a captivating sequence filmed and projected on two television screens so that everyone can observe the meticulousness and precision of the professional's movements.

Once the movement has been meticulously dismantled, you will join the other participants in cleaning the mechanism in the bainzinier. Then, wind the mechanical movement, oil the jewels and the barrel before finalizing the winding and adjusting the balance.

At the end of the workshop, Victor and Jérôme will invite you to a small snack to chat in a friendly atmosphere. You will leave with unforgettable memories and an explanatory booklet summarizing this introductory watchmaking session, ready to continue your journey into the captivating world of watches.

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In summary, these three workshops dedicated to jewelry and watchmaking offer unique experiences for enthusiasts. From creating medals with Margaux to exploring watch movements with Victor and Jérôme, including an introduction to fine jewelry with Flavie, each session offers a captivating journey into exceptional craftsmanship. These workshops are so many doors opening onto creative worlds where tradition and innovation combine to give life to unique pieces, full of history and emotion. May this artisanal adventure continue to inspire new discoveries for enthusiasts in search of authenticity.

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