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A shower of pearls for beautiful celebrations at Inédit

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A unique setting for magic and exceptional artisanal jewelry, number 14 rue de l'Abbaye is ready for the holidays. There is no glitz or opulence here. This address with sophisticated charm cultivates refinement and beauty all year round.

With extra lights and enchantment of places, as the holidays approach. So the window comes alive with Christmas baubles, all white and delicately glittered. As if a few snowflakes had landed there, around pretty little green fir trees. In this month of December, the expert hands of each in-house craftsman pay homage to nature and this exceptional heritage that the capital offers. The most beautiful pieces will soon be placed under the tree.  

Tailor-made according to your desires

Circle Ring

Because each present aims to be unique, Inédit's creative jewelers are busy, like Santa's elves. At the end of autumn, we shapes, polishes, sets natural gems and pearls. Behind the windows, a variation of colors, those of this highlight: ruby ​​red. An ode to the king of the forests, natural emerald and tsavorite combine green in all tones. 

With a little imagination, snowflakes can be made diamonds, in the window. And since diamonds are eternal, they hold a special place in novel, haughty, on their displays. Enough to make you dream and attract the attention of passers-by. Time to appreciate some cleverly arranged pieces. Particularly the “circle” collection.


The in-house gemologists also like tourmaline, mandarin garnet... As for earrings, they give us their penchant this fall-winter, for the collection of modular tassels. Their choice therefore falls on hoop earrings set with diamonds. There are three different sizes. The big one can be worn alone. While the means and small model of hoop earrings invite the tassels to cling... Which are intended to be interchangeable, according to our desires for gems in nuanced colors.

Never without my necklace

How, better than with a necklace, to enhance your neckline? The idea is unanimous here, in this alcove of fine jewelry. Tribute to Mother Nature obliges, we will bet on a creation made entirely of Tahitian pearls around the neck, or of white pearls. We also fall for the necklace version with delight « choker Tahitian pearls ». A choker made up of 37 multicolored beads. 

The other end-of-year holiday gem will catch more than one eye. Will appeal to the elegant. Will capsize more than one during New Year's Eve. It is undoubtedly the “perfume necklace”. A unique piece that requires hours, days of meticulous work. A small white gold cage, with curved lines. All of them, set with diamonds in a net, form a precious case, inside which we slip a little of its secrets, its perfume...

How to wear it? Alone or accompanied. The rings of the collection N°5 & N°7 will do wonders. Pure lines covered with diamonds, or more sophisticated, the model set with an emerald at its heart. Whether worn alone or accompanied, the motto, ladies, to create a sensation: “Never without my necklace”. And this, whether you opt for the black dress V neckline like dizzying. Or whether you set your sights on the chic tuxedo jacket with satin lapels. You are ready for precious moments. Just unforgettable. 

novel – 14 Rue de l’Abbaye, 75006 Paris


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