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Maison Servant: Parisians' favorite chocolatier for Christmas treats

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This year, the Chocolatier and Confectioner Servant is celebrating its 110th anniversary! For more than a century, this exceptional house has preserved the values ​​of artisan chocolatiers, respect for traditions as well as the taste for the confectionery of yesteryear. After years of success in the 16th arrondissement of Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine, Maison Servant is now opening its doors in Levallois-Perret. 

First, the history of Serving Chocolate Factory is linked to the passion of a family. Driven by a common passion, the family business intends to preserve its artisanal know-how and the quality of its chocolates, for the pleasure of young and old gourmets, faithful to their know-how. In 1913,, the Confectioner Auteuil settles in the heart of 16th arrondissement of Paris. A former delicatessen, it became over time an unmissable institution, a chocolate confectionery adored by all. Offering a wide choice of sweet treats and delicacies. In 2007,, Servant also settles in Neuilly-sur-Seine, rue de Chartres. 

The chocolatier know-how of Maison Servant… 

House Servant

Right here, traditional know-how blends harmoniously with modernity. Every bite is the fruit ofa family passion passed down from generation to generation. Each chocolate is imbued with this rich and delicious history. The artisan chocolatiers of Maison Servant don't just follow recipes. They create gourmet treasures. Each chocolate recipe is a personalized artwork. These recipes are meticulously crafted to achieve uniqueness in its color, its shine, its conservation and, of course, its exceptional taste.

Their chocolates, made from pure cocoa, are not never frozen. Each creation is made on site, in the heart of the Auteuil district, thus perpetuating family know-how who made the chocolate factory famous. The Servant House is also committed to offering its customers quality chocolates, to preserve the ancestral know-how of chocolatiers and the constant search for authentic confectionery. 

House Servant

Personalized exquisite ganaches with divine pralines, delicate giandujas with melting caramels, the House is proud to invite you to travel through unique flavors, from original recipes to fine wines of pure origin. From intoxicating orangettes to crispy florentines, or alternatively orange slices coated with dark chocolate…Each specialty is a gourmet discovery. Finally, the result of meticulous know-how, the beggar, is one of their absolutely irresistible classics. A very popular specialty! This crystallized chocolate then poached on which are delicately placed a pistachio from Iran, an almond from Valencia, a hazelnut from Piedmont and a raisin from South Africa is a must to taste. A symphony of exquisite flavors!

…And his know-how as a confectioner 

House Servant

La Maison Servant is also passionately committed to the art of confectionery. Despite the disappearance of certain treats, the commitment persists to working with small artisans offering rare and exceptional confectionery. Something to make the biggest candy fans happy! La Maison Servant offers the most iconic sweets from your childhood.

Berlingots from Nantes, Froufrous, Violets from Toulouse, Poppies, Anise from Flavigny… Authentic recipes, closely linked to traditional manufacturing processes. La Maison Servant thus offers an abundance of tender licorice, such as Calabrai or Chabernac, et Zan liquorice scented with anise, mint or violet. A memorable delight for the most demanding connoisseurs. 

House Servant

The fondant fruit jellies will also appeal to lovers of sweet treats with a range of flavors ranging from raspberry to passion fruit. La Maison Servant also offers more than eighty kinds of old-fashioned sweets. Calissons and almond pastes, caramels, fondants, marshmallows, old-fashioned morello cherries, pink and Montargis pralines, fruity lollipops, homemade or Montélimar nougat...

And then, the winter season awakens the expectations of lovers candied chestnuts and candied fruits. Available only during the end-of-year holidays, their candied chestnuts from Turin are distinguished by their unrivaled shine and melting. Furthermore, from October to March, the shop unveils its tasty candied fruits. Pears, clementines, kiwis, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, plums, apricots… A feast for the senses awaits you at Maison Servant!

Other varied delights: Berthillon ice creams and Mariage Frères teas

To bring a touch of freshness to the end of your meals, let yourself be seduced by a palette flavors of Berthillon ice creams and sorbets. From timeless classics to ephemeral creations, their flavors, renewed every week and throughout the year, will amaze your taste buds. Finally, accompany your frozen pleasure with delicious sachets of Crunch of Ropes, puffed almond cookies. Also discover the art of French tea with a selection of Mariage Frères teas. This French tea house, emblematic since 1854, offers a unique palette of perfumes, from the legendary Marco Polo to Earl Gray Impérial, including English Breakfast, Ruschka, Jasmine Mandarin, and Darjeeling Himalaya… The Maison Servant assortment transports you to a world of aromatic sophistication! Let yourself be surprised by creations like Emperor Chen-Nung, Sakura Sakura and tea at the Opera.

Servant Chocolatier – 30 Rue d’Auteuil, 75016 Paris – 01 42 88 49 82

– 22 Bis Rue de Chartres, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine – 01 47 22 54 45

– 64 bis Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, 92300 Levallois-Perret – 01 80 88 17 72

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