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Le Parapluie de Cherbourg and Tournaire present 4 umbrellas resulting from their partnership

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Le Parapluie de Cherbourg, specialist in high-end umbrellas made in France, unveils 4 exclusive umbrellas in collaboration with Tournaire, the jeweler with exceptional French know-how.

The Umbrella of Cherbourg, managed by Charles Yvon, the brand highlights tradition as well as innovation in the artisanal manufacturing of umbrellas. For its part, the house Tournaire is recognized for its strong commitment to the creation of custom jewelry.

The collaboration between the two brands highlights their shared love for French know-how, giving birth to a unique collection of umbrellas reflecting the heritage and excellence of each house.

4 creations combining the heritage of each house

Umbrella of Cherbourg Tournaire

« Le Parapluie de Cherbourg shares a lot of common values ​​with Maison Tournaire. This collaboration between our two houses was obvious to me. Both in terms of aligning our values ​​and from a design point of view. Together, at the heart of our two factories, we thought of these umbrellas as real jewels. We were able to create exceptional and elegant models. " revealed Charles Yvon, CEO of Parapluie de Cherbourg.

The first creation of the collaboration is the Umbrella Gears. The bronze handle features a multitude of gears, symbolizing transmission as well as movement. Mathieu Tournaire interprets these cogs as representing the passing of time and the members of a family, each of whom is essential to the proper functioning of the whole.

The Gear Umbrella se Aboute priced at € 450.

The second creation revealed is the Alchemy Umbrella. Taking the shapes of the emblematic Alchemy collection from the house of Tournaire, the umbrella integrates the square, the triangle and the round, symbolizing the past, the present and the future. These shapes represent the journey of life as well as the evolution of Man.

The Alchemy Umbrella se offered at a price of €450.

Tournaire Paris – 7 Cr Vendôme, 75001 Paris

The Umbrella of Cherbourg – Maison Lemaire – 59 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris

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