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The Louis XIII cognac house collaborates with LaQuan Smith through a jewelry vial

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New collaboration in sight! The prestigious cognac house Louis XIII has teamed up with renowned American designer LaQuan Smith to create a flask of exceptional elegance, to be worn like a piece of jewelry.

Elegance, seduction, audacity…So many terms could describe this new exceptional collaboration. After the success of “ The Drop » in 2022, the house Rémy Cointreau reinvents charm by teaming up with the New York stylist LaQuan Smith.

Thus, the new creation reveals a mini flask decorated with a chain pure silver, designed to be worn like a real jewel. As a necklace, on a belt, or as a bracelet... In short, the possibilities are endless to enhance this legendary accessory.

Louis XIII x LaQuan Smith: an exclusive collection

Louis XIII LaQuan Smith

« Louis XIII and I both love celebrating life's pivotal moments. Our two brands express extraordinary spontaneity, acting as boosters to shape a unique narrative”, reveals LaQuan Smith. The exclusive, limited-edition collaboration offers another irresistible fashion accessory: “Boudoir” gloves in opera style.

Made with a subtle combination of silk and velvet, these gloves are a nod to the fame of LaQuan Smith. In fact, their design evokes the brand's emblematic knitted jumpsuit! These long, sheer gloves will add an elegant and bold touch to your wardrobe.

Conquering the younger generation

Louis XIII LaQuan Smith

Therefore, the cognac house surrounded herself with renowned personalities. Jasmine Tookes, one of the hottest models currently, is the muse. It is also accompanied by fashion photographer Greg Swales. He is well known for his magazine covers Spindrift. Enough to get noticed on the Social Media alongside the younger generation.

Otherwise, Louis XIII persists in its Marketing strategy started in 2022. Despite its luxury positioning affirmed by management, royal cognac aspires to conquer a younger audience, attracted by high-end items and fond of exclusive collaborations.

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