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Cultural walk in the heart of Paris

Stroll the streets of Paris and let the brilliance of its cultural influence charm you…. From the Sacré-Coeur basilica to the Panthéon via the Canal Saint-Martin, the City of Light has never ceased to inspire artists from all walks of life over the centuries. Ode to the Baroque: The Opéra Garnier At the end of the aptly named Avenue de l'Opéra stands the Palais Garnier, inaugurated in 1875 under the Third Republic. Its architecture brings together different styles: classical, baroque, combining cupolas, friezes, columns and statues in marble or bronze. This highly ornamented ensemble ended up becoming the typical example of the Napoleon III style. Four allegorical groups decorate the façade: Music, Lyric Poetry, Lyric Drama and Dance. Inside the Palace, an extraordinary rococo main staircase leads to the grand foyer decorated with mosaics, frescoes and sculptures, as well as to the different levels of galleries and corridors where the society ceremonial that accompanied the XNUMXth century took place. great performances. In the room, eight large columns support the dome. Its ceiling...