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Dior x Anne-Sophie Pic: new gourmet addresses are coming

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The French luxury house, Dior, continues to explore new gastronomic horizons. In fact it announces the imminent opening of its Café Dior on an international scale, in partnership with Anne-Sophie Pic, the most starred chef in the world.

Only two years ago, the Maison Dior celebrated the inauguration of its entire first Café Dior within its flagship store, nestled on the emblematic Avenue Montaigne. Today, the Couture House officially announces its intention to extend this brand internationally. With openings provided for United States as well as Asia.

Dior x Anne-Sophie Pic: a delicious collaboration

Dior Anne Sophie Pic

This excellent news comes a few days after the announcement of a long-term collaboration between Dior and the renowned chef Anne Sophie Pic. The latter already has nine establishments and garnered ten stars to its credit. Thus, the French chef enriches herself further by developing the menu for the very recent Café Dior. The latter was recently inaugurated within the Kansai International Airport.

This new space highlights an exquisite selection of pastries, pastries, as well as chocolate bars... Inspired by the Christian Dior archives. One can find " The coil“, a unique reinterpretation of the cinnamon roll.

Or, " The Lady“, a chocolate mousse infused with earl gray. Thus, the map offers a variety of hot drinks, including teas and coffees, but also a selection of cocktails, champagnes, and “creative non-alcoholic drinks”.

A second Monsieur Dior in Japan

Dior Anne Sophie Pic
Monsieur Dior by Jean Imbert in Paris

In addition to Café Dior, the House is considering opening a second establishment, Monsieur Dior, in Japan. He will always be under the supervision of Anne-Sophie Pic! “This restaurant opening project marks a new stage in the expansion strategy of the House of Dior in the different areas of the French art of living and excellence”, says the LVMH group. If you haven't already done so, you have the opportunity to discover the Monsieur Dior restaurant in Paris, inaugurated in 2022 and managed by the Head of the Plaza Athénée, namely, Jean Imbert.

Waiting: Mr. Dior – 32 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris

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