Will the Olympic Games have a significant impact on Paris Fashion Week?

Preparing for the Olympic Games poses a series of challenges for Paris. Road closures, complicated logistics, higher property and hotel prices, and a certain amount of apprehension among Parisians. But this time it’s Paris Fashion Week that seems to be affected by this major sporting event.

The Paris Olympic Games are shaping up to be a colossal event. It will attract nearly 15 million visitors, including 2 million foreign tourists. With 10,500 athletes from 203 different countries taking part in 32 disciplines and no fewer than 329 sporting events, the scale of these Games remains impressive! However, the sheer scale of the project is causing concern, particularly among local residents. They fear the consequences of this event. Indeed, some are already describing the Games as a “nightmare” event.

For the fashion industry, this situation presents particular challenges. The next Men’s Fashion Week and Haute Couture seasons are scheduled from June 18 to 27, coinciding with preparations for the Olympic Games, which begin on July 25, 2024. The Haute Couture season has been brought forward by a week, to June 24-27, 2024.

This change ensures sufficient time and space before the start of the Paris Olympic Games. However, brand planning remains a tricky business. Information on the impact of Paris Fashion Week on the Olympic Games is still being clarified, making the situation complex for those involved in the fashion industry.

A major challenge

Olympic Games Fashion Week
Louis Vuitton fashion show on the Pont Neuf in Paris

It seems that Paris Fashion Week is facing a series of major logistical challenges in the run-up to the Olympic Games. These challenges include tighter security controls and road closures around Olympic venues. But what further complicates the planning of Fashion Week… This is the coordination of parade dates and locations.

In fact, many of Paris’ major fashion shows take place in the capital’s most emblematic venues. For example, the Grand Palais, often used by Chanel for its fashion shows, will be the site of fencing and taekwondo events. Similarly, the Place du Trocadéro, frequently chosen for the Saint Laurent . The venue will host the road cycling and athletics events.

For over a year, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Modeorganizer of Paris Fashion Week, has been working closely with the authorities. Including the Préfecture de Police, the City of Paris, the Olympic Committee and the French Ministry of Culture .

Together, they have compiled a list of 260 locations frequently used for fashion week, and are studying the impact of the Olympic Games on these sites. The Group has also strengthened its partnership with the Palais de Tokyo. This allows more emerging brands to take advantage of this space.

So the Federation tries to reassure participants that, with sufficient planning, the challenges of fashion week can be met. “Safety, deliveries, casting, production… All this will depend on dialogue with the brands and the authorities,” says FHCM president Pascal Morand.

By Clémence BODEAU

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