Vivienne Diamant: captivating jewelry creations

Looking for a piece of jewelry with a history that defines love, or a memorable moment? This vision shines through in every piece of Vivienne Diamant jewelry. The editors have fallen in love with this elegant French brand and its refined collections.

It all starts with a love story

Vivienne Diamant is the fruit of a romance between Vivienne De Rose and Stéphane Diamant between 1920 and 1950. Born in Paris but reunited in London during their studies, these two heroines are about to meet an unusual destiny. Their union was initially thwarted by a marriage arranged by the De Rose family with Colonel General James. He died during the Second World War.

Stéphane and Vivienne reunite to live out their romance. Their love stronger than anything, they married despite family opposition. Stéphane expresses his mad love for Vivienne through jewels of rare beauty, designed by jeweler Monsieur Beaumont. In this way, the jewels become witnesses to the couple’s fondest memories. In the 1950s, Stéphane died, leaving Vivienne jewellery creations full of precious memories, embodying their infinite love.

The values of Maison Vivienne Diamant

Love is the main muse of Vivienne Diamant jewelry, carrying within it the essence of Vivienne to bring luck and tenderness to those who wear them. This vision encompasses not only romantic bonds, but also the universal ties that bind us to our loved ones. Each of the Maison’s creations embodies this belief in a love vibrant with hope and a radiant future.

For Stéphane Diamant, jewelry is the guardian of our most precious memories. The Vivienne Diamant collection embodies a modern, refined and timeless aesthetic, emphasizing delicate detail rather than extravagance. Made from the finest materials such as than 18-carat gold and platinum, set with natural diamonds of impeccable quality, each piece shines with its own unique brilliance.

Rubies and other precious stones are also carefully selected to enhance their creations. Last but not least, Vivienne Diamant offers a wide price range, from €150 to just over €86K for high jewelry pieces, providing accessibility to all those who aspire to beauty and elegance.

Unique and varied collections

Vivienne Diamant

Unlike traditional jewelry, Vivienne Diamant evokes a distinct style with its shades of white and pink. A tribute to roses and the romantic letters exchanged between Stéphane and Vivienne De Rose. Vivienne’s world is expressed through floral motifs, Japanese Akoya beads, Art Deco styling and the iconic Vivienne V .

Wedding and engagement rings, combining classicism and modernity, add a unique touch to the creative palette. Each collection carries its own special meaning, making for an exciting customer experience.

VIVIENNE DIAMANT – 38, avenue de l’Opéra 75002 Paris

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