Lanqi, immersion in the art of massage inspired by Chinese medicine

Lanqi wellness centers offer state-of-the-art Chinese massages. These massages are designed to soothe both body and mind. Made-to-measure, they target points of tension for deep, all-round well-being. We love their signature Ancestral massage.

Ancestral Massage: A method inherited from Chinese medicine

Ancestral massage uses the Tuina method, a Chinese medical practice that has been around for over 2,000 years. This massage technique is renowned for its regenerating and invigorating benefits, helping to eliminate accumulated tension and rebalance internal energies, also known as Qi.

A customized Himalayan herbal massage

Each Lanqi ancestral massage session is tailored to the health of each client. Using plants from the Himalayas, this treatment adapts to your body’s specific needs thanks to a secret method carefully preserved by its founder Madma Lanqi. This protocol is particularly effective in treating aches and pains and physical blockages.

The principles and benefits of ancestral massage

This Ancestral Massage is based on the principle of toning up the body and its overall functions (physical, mental and emotional). This regenerating, invigorating and energizing massage acts on various points. It helps relieve muscular tension and pain. Whether it’s your neck, back or any other point of tension.
Massage also unblocks physical blockages by releasing tense areas and promoting flexibility. It helps to combat fatigue and stress with advanced techniques that revitalize the body and soothe the mind. It balances the circulation of internal energy (Qi), ensuring holistic well-being.
Finally, it improves sleep quality by promoting a state of deep relaxation.

A wellness experience to try

The transformative power of ancestral massage is a natural alternative for optimizing the balance of body and mind. For this complete and beneficial experience, Lanqi offers two duration options:
– 1 hour: €98
– 1 hour 30 minutes: €147

Paris Select’s opinion

At Lanqi, authenticity is at the heart of the experience. Each treatment area is decorated with typical Chinese objects, creating a soothing, traditional atmosphere. However, the true luxury of this place lies in the exceptional quality of the massage. Lanqi Ancestral Massage is not just a treatment, but a true immersion in the art of Chinese medicine. It’s for those looking for a deeply regenerating and invigorating experience that goes far beyond appearances. For a moment of well-being, the Lanqi Ancestral Massage is an invitation to relax and rebalance energies.

Lanqi – 48 avenue de Saxe, Paris 75007

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