Gourmet journey at Mama Shelter: A vibrant culinary odyssey

Mama Shelter, the global icon of hospitality and gastronomy, opens the doors to a culinary universe as audacious as it is warm. Embark on an unparalleled taste journey. Where the flavors of the world mingle with mezzés, snacks and signature cocktails. For an experience that transcends the boundaries of taste pleasure.

From sunrise to late at night, Mama Shelter welcomes you to its establishments. Offering an enchanted interlude in a festive and resolutely modern setting, true to the spirit of the brand.

A festival of flavors

In this culinary festival orchestrated by Mama Shelter, mezzés take pride of place. These Levantine and Mediterranean delights, prepared with passion by our kitchen brigades, will transport your taste buds to sunny horizons. From creamy hummus to the enchanting aroma of Mama’ s lentils . Every bite is an invitation to travel.

Le Goûter de la Mama


Between the afternoon and early evening, snacking at Mama Shelter becomes a must. Under the skilful fingers of our talented pastry chefs, let yourself be seduced by sweet creations as exquisite as they are refined. These sweet treats are the perfect opportunity to share a gourmet moment in a convivial atmosphere.

Elixirs: A new era of iconic cocktails

The magic also happens at the bar. Where our talented mixologists invite you to discover a range of creative and refreshing cocktails. From the legendary Mama Loves You, the house’s signature cocktail, to bold creations by top bartenders. Each glass is an invitation to celebration and discovery.

Shots Shots Shots 2024: Effervescence in a glass


The shot, a true ritual of conviviality, is reinvented at Mama Shelter with a touch of ecology and innovation. The new shot Mama, both exotic and refined, embodies the festive , no-holds-barred spirit of the house, offering an unprecedented sensory experience to enjoy with friends.

At Mama Shelter, each establishment is an invitation to culinary escape, where boldness and generosity combine to create unique and unforgettable moments. Across the globe, our dedicated teams are ready to welcome you on a gourmet journey where passion is savoured in every bite and savoured in every sip.

Mama’s Penthouse – 10 Rue Jean Jaurès, Puteaux 92800

Rooftop Paris East – 109 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris

Paris West – 20 Avenue de la Porte de la plaine, 75015 Paris

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