The Plaza Athénée pays tribute to Sport and to Art with Mathieu Forget

Since May 8, a new energy has been invading the prestigious spaces of the Plaza Athénée. The palace is transformed into a sanctuary for sport and art. In collaboration with artist Mathieu Forget, aka “Forgetmat”, who specializes in photography and the art of levitation. The hotel offers a unique experience where luxury and sporting passion meet in an unprecedented visual symbiosis.

Plaza Athénée

Mathieu Forget has captured the essence of movement through five unique photographic concepts . Featuring top French athletes in the hotel’s iconic locations. Olympic champions such as Manon Apithy Brunet and internationally renowned athletes like Jordan Sarrou lend themselves to the artist’s game. This creates striking images where athletic performance meets artistic aesthetics.

A gradual revelation on social networks

These works of art will be gradually unveiled on the hotel’s Instagram account, @plaza_athenee. The collaboration culminated on July 26 with the release of a captivating video. Highlighting Mathieu Forget’s unique concepts in the company of the five athletes.

At the same time, the hotel lobby will be transformed from the beginning of June. With two gigantic photographs of athletes replacing the usual frescoes. This immersion upon arrival promises visitors an immersive experience right from their first moments at the Plaza Athénée.

An artistic commitment

Mathieu Forget, a versatile artist from Paris, embodies a new vision of dance and photography. A former tennis player, he defies the laws of physics to capture fleeting moments of levitating movement. Highlighting the beauty and poetry of human movement. His work, shared across social networks and exhibited worldwide, is a celebration of freedom of expression and self-improvement.

An unforgettable collaboration

Plaza Athénée and Mathieu Forget promise an unforgettable experience, inviting visitors to explore new horizons where art, sport and luxury come together to create a unique sensory experience.

For those wishing to enjoy this immersive experience, the Hôtel Plaza Athénée is located at 25 Avenue Montaigne, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

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