N°5 L’Eau de Chanel: the new fragrance that pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe is now available

Today, Chanel pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the global icon, with the limited release of its brand new fragrance: N°5 L’Eau.

Almost 70 years ago, in an interview for Time, Marilyn Monroe confessed to the public that she only put on a few drops of Chanel N°5 before snuggling under her comforter. The anecdote, which is still mythical today, propelled the N°5 fragrance to the top of the sales charts. Now, the Parisian luxury house is paying tribute to him with the limited-edition release of its new fragrance: N°5 L’Eau. This resolutely poetic, designer fragrance has been on sale since June 13, 2024.

N°5 L’Eau: oval and sensual

N°5 Water

A first in the history of Chanel! Indeed, N°5 L’Eau abandons its historic bottle, inspired by a whisky decanter seen by Coco Chanel in her lover’s home. Now it has a new, innovative bottle that doesn’t stand upright. Sylvie Legastelois, Chanel’s bottle designer, found this brand-new inspiration in Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote and N°5 L’Eau. “From this story was born the desire to design an ergonomic object, like that legendary drop of perfume”. From now on, this fragrance is “wrapped in a drop of glass”, she said.

With its new rounded, ethereal shape, the powerful essence seems to be clad in a second skin of glass… Enhancing its fragrance even further. On the olfactory level, it’s an almost solar drop that radiates with its citrus notes. Majestic citrus, boosted by aldehydes, is surrounded by a floral bouquet of jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang. This delicate scent is finally sharpened by vetiver and cedar. This almost organic object fits perfectly in the hand and slips easily into a pocket or purse. Ideal for taking with you anywhere, at any time of day.

N°5 L’EAU – €135 for 50ml

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